5 Tips to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

5 Tips to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Nowadays Pinterest is one of the most widely used and trendiest social media sites across the world. Why? What is it that makes Pinterest unique? Pinterest offers a huge variety of options for its users (as does any successful social channel). However, its secret for success lies in its core purpose. The bottom line of this social network is sharing inspirational and aesthetically pleasing pictures, whether taken by users or found on the internet.

Launched back in 2010, over the course of four short years Pinterest has grown into a social network well over 70 million users and 2.5 billion monthly page views.

And according to Alexa’s global rankings, Pinterest is the 27th most popular website in the world and the 12th  in the US. With this growth in popularity, Pinterest has made more and more efforts to direct its development toward building business relations. It recent announced that it is launching Promoted Pins (advertising) soon.

brands in social mediaSpecial business pages were offered almost from the very beginning, allowing companies to easily create accounts and promote their brands through Pinterest. While the social media site has grown, its developers have concentrated on improving business policy and providing brands with more opportunities for marketing.

Moreover, the Pinterest blogging team regularly provides users with useful stories of brand promotion success stories through Pinterest, and they share tips for improving marketing strategies on this social resource. So, let’s take the most important points from these case studies and review the basic tips to improve your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Look After Your Board Carefully
This is the first commandment for the Pinterest marketer. Again, this social media resource is totally visual, and its users are very sensitive to mess on someone’s profile. People want fun and inspiration; they don’t want to waste their time getting lost in visual chaos.

Social Media Jokes Board MavsocialTake care of your board and make sure your content is well-organized and all the fields are filled in with an appropriate description (we’ll talk about this below).

Learn From Other Users
Users are the primary, and most common, source of knowledge when learning about Pinterest. Sure, you can be aware of all the technical tricks, but if you don’t know your target audience wants and likes, your activity will lack that spark that gives a campaign life.

While the Pinterest application is made by  developers, the collective soul of this social channel is directed by the users. Only users can tell you which text makes an impact and which pictures you need to share — generally, these users determine your marketing strategy. Use them. Moreover, Pinterest offers a wonderful analytics tool allowing you to see what works and what doesn’t.

Inspiring Content
This point is important for marketing on any social network. However, Pinterest separates itself from the mass of other social channels in this area because the main idea behind this visual platform is to inspire people.

Be the Best EntrepreneurIndeed, users sign in to Pinterest to get an emotional experience, to see something beautiful and exciting — as such, one of the first missions for Pinterest marketing is to create and share high-quality inspirational content.

Content Must Be Shareable
And supporting the previous point,  no one will share your pictures if they aren’t inspirational and emotionally exciting. We know that liking and reposting provides the primary motivational power behind social networks. And ability of social media marketing to harness this feature benefits the brand.

Thus, you must do everything you can to make your visual content as shareable as possible. The inspirational mood of illustrations is not the only way (though it is the surest and most common method, because content is king); but also employing the other tips mentioned here will also help make your Pinterest board more interesting and accessible, and thus your content will be more shareable.

Full and Proper Description for All Images
Pinterest is a visual social resource, and the content on it includes only pictures. So it is only fitting that you should add proper descriptions to all of your images. Remember, ALL of your images.

social media cupcakesYour description is the way users can find your visual content through the Pinterest search system. Don’t forget that just one simple word or hashtag can help more users find your content. And that, in turn, means more customers for your company.

So here comes the (supposed) problem: which words are popular? This is actually easier than it may seem and harks back to the second point, which states that you must learn from Pinterest users. Once you know the way your target audience explores social media, you will be able to give them the content they need.

These five tips will help you in your marketing journey through Pinterest. And remember, this young social network requires fresh ideas, so one additional tip: never be afraid to take a step away from the above suggestions and experiment. Good luck!

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