Save and Repurpose Digital Assets

Keep all your visual content where you need it most

Upload photos, videos & audio

Add titles, descriptions & tags

Organize media into galleries

Shop our Photo Market

Easily edit photos in-app

Add saved media to social posts

Put visuals first

With MavSocial, your photos and videos are saved and ready for you to promote to your social channels.

Create your own Digital Library

Add media to galleries with unique titles and descriptions. Galleries can correspond with clients, products, or campaigns.

Find and re-use your digital assets

Your media is searchable with titles, descriptions, and tags so you’re not bogged down with complex filing.


It’s like having your own digital media life raft

Digital Library + Photo Market

Any media you purchase (or free media that you save) from MavSocial’s Stock Images Store is automatically saved to your Digital Library. Plus, all your digital assets are saved inside MavSocial from the entire lifetime of any linked Facebook account.

Manage your brand

With your social visual content readily available, you can more easily monitor your visual messaging for variety and consistency.
Separate content by teams and regions so that everyone has access to only what they need.

Discover your top-performers

Details for all cross-platform engagement is captured for every single piece of content. So not only will you be able to see what works for audience in terms of specific campaigns, but specific media assets as well.

Edit photos easily

No need to leave MavSocial if you want to make an edit before posting a photo to social media. You can handle all basic edits in-app, and even add filters and text overlays.

I love the ability to save all my photos with their cloud storage, and not having to search everywhere for them. I have been able to recycle old blog posts with new visual content purchased within MavSocial, which keeps traffic flowing.Chantal Bechervaise
Social Media Marketing Influencer

Manage. Create. Promote.


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Manage. Create. Promote.


Try it for 14 days

Manage. Create. Promote.


Try it for 14 days