Spotlight on MavSocial: Social Media platform given boost with $35m industry investment

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New social media platform MavSocial brings new dimension and product to high demand growth social marketing and technology area


MavSocial Social Media software given increased exposure following Hootsuite successful $35m fund raise. The market demand for intergrated social media cloud solutions to manage social media digital assets, campaign planning and posting to networks is significantly increasing. Given Facebook changes to likes reach and rumoured Twitter changes as well, the need for integration is higher than ever. MavSocial is a San Francisco startup offering a very unique solution. Found Matthew Holden is from Australia and resides here.

The MavSocial digital asset and campaign publishing social media platform has been given a big boost this week with the announcement of product rival Brightkit being acquired by Canadian company Hootsuite Inc.

“This is further evidence that the social media software sector continues to grow” Matthew Holden, founder and CEO of MavSocial said “social media marketers have extreme time constraints and are challenged by the lack of integrated tools to get their job done.”

Hootsuite Inc had a Series C investment by Fidelity Investments of $35 million in September 2014

MavSocial’s product is a social media platform that users upload, store and share all their photos, videos, infographics and more which can then be posted and published to social media networks.

Marketers can spend up to one hour each day just trying to search and find images for their social posting. “Our customers tell us that MavSocial is solving real business pain points for them” says Holden “whether they be small business all the way up to enterprise level, we’re developing real world, problem solving solutions.”

Holden is no stranger to large-scale businesses either. He’s held senior business and enterprise sales and product development roles with Oracle Corporation and SAP. “We’re excited to hear of the Hootsuite investment as it is yet another validation of our product and investment in this industry sector” said Holden.

Given the ever-changing social media landscape and in particular, the growing interest and focus on social media campaign management systems, MavSocial is a company to watch.