25 Holiday Hashtags for Marketers

25 Holiday Hashtags for Bloggers, Marketers and Makers

Christmas tree – check! Too much hot chocolate – check! If you’re enjoying this holiday season as much as we are, you may have gotten really creative with your Christmas social media campaigns.

So why not use holiday-themed hashtags that can increase your engagement during the holidays? On networks like Twitter and Instagram, hashtags are an important way to get your content in front of new audiences.

Whether you’re selling gifts perfect for the season, or simply want to wish your followers happy holidays, these are the hashtags to make it happen.


Holiday Hashtags for Ecommerce Shops

Your eCommerce shop DOES NOT have to sell #christmassy stuff to get a great upswing of engagement on social media and an increase in social-media-driven sales.

It’s all in how you arrange your merchandise. Ribbons, lights, ornaments, snow (or powdered sugar) can all come together with these super-popular hashtags to get people interested in buying your products for themselves or their loved ones.

holiday hashtags for ecommerce christmas hashtags

Holiday Hashtags for Lifestyle Bloggers

If you’re in the business of creating gag-perfect images, then it’s your season. Make us drool over fur rugs by the fire, peppermint-flavored marshmallows, and farmhouse-style table settings.

These hashtags can help you gain new followers that will stick around well after the New Year.

Christmas hashtags for lifestyle bloggers

Holiday Hashtags for Local Small Business Owners

First off, check in with your local Chamber of Commerce. There’s likely some type of event to encourage holiday spending at local shops. Is there also a hashtag to go along with the event?

If not, suggest that they create one next year and that the hashtag be added to any flyers or posters promoting local Christmas shopping. They’ll thank you for the idea.

As for national or global hashtags, those that have to do with shopping local for the holidays just don’t get enough traction, so you’re better off using a combination of hashtags that have to do with your city, local shopping, and the Christmas season.

Be sure to use a hashtag with your town name and geo-tag all of your content.

Here are others that could apply:

Hashtags for local small business owners to use during the holidays

And for Businesses

The holidays are a great time to humanize your content, so long as it stays on brand. You can get higher engagement during the holidays by showing off the warmer side of your business.

Simply choose hashtags that celebrate the positivity and joy of the season.

Hashtags that businesses can use during the holidays

These hashtags are sure to have you feeling all warm and toasty inside (while giving you an upswing in views and engagement).

Happy Hashtagging!



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