Report & Analyze

MavSocial’s Reporting features make it incredibly easy to learn about your audience, track your social media performance, and find your most engaging content to help you optimize your social media strategy.

Analyze key social media metrics

View detailed analytics and reports to track and analyze your social media performance for each social network. Get reports on individual or aggregated data on your accounts, networks, campaigns, and teams.

Instant visual reports

Responsive graphs will help you visualize your social media performance. Save hours creating your social media reports by exporting across multiple platforms and accounts, individual campaigns, or by the social media team. Create, share, and present your reports in a single click.

Learn about your audience

Understand demographics and other data on your audience to determine the content you should be creating for the best performance. Get visibility into the times your audience is online and times of day that generate the most engagement.

Connect with your most loyal followers

Automatically pinpoint your most-engaging followers to allow you to reach out or reward social media users in your audience most interested in your business or brand.

Team analytics

View performance metrics of individual social media teams and their outbound and inbound interactions and response times. Identify your best-performing social media teams and employees and those that may need additional training.

Identify best-performing content

MavSocial highlights your most successful social media posts and allows you to use these insights to power your future social media content.

Monitor ad performance

View your Facebook and Twitter ad performance reports and export data and reports in just a click.

More Features

Monitor ad results in one place

View your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter ad performance reports and export your data and in just a click.

White Label Reports

Save time by adding company branding and logo to your exported reports so you can present to your clients and upkeep branding efforts.

Community Management (Inbox) Reports

Analyze the response times to your customers by both network and team members to better improve your customer support.

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