Collaborate and Manage

Increase team productivity and sculpt your teams’ workflows by customizing user permission levels and assigning tasks to specific team members.

Easily manage social media teams

Set up teams of users within your organization, across multiple brands and regions, and implement management frameworks by assigning users team roles. MavSocial makes it easy for your team to post to separate accounts, handle different content, and respond to a unique set of followers – all inside of one platform.

Customize user permissions

Build your own internal management and governance structure to make sure all of your users have granular permissions at a team level, making sure only the correct people have management access to the features they need. Assign contributor, approval, and admin permissions, or customize individual user permissions to create your own team management system.

Arrange teams over brands & regions

Create separate accounts by brands, regions, countries and teams with access permissions for each member. Our unique management features are designed for what social media teams really need.

Client access

A special user type that allows clients to add their social media accounts without the requirement of giving their agency their passwords or admin rights

Allow clients to view their content calendar to see both published and scheduled posts

Clients can approve and decline posts with comments.

Approve all contributor posts

With post approvals, nothing gets scheduled, and nothing goes live without the manager’s green light. For large teams—or agencies managing client accounts—this feature is a lifesaver.

More Features

Audit your team

Analyze social media activity with user activity logs, and monitor response times of users in your organization with community management reports, helping you identify where your teams are spending their time, and which users may need additional training.

Create separate digital libraries

Not only can you oversee the separation of social accounts into specific teams and brands, but you can also have unique stores of content.

Mobile team management

Manage content and approve team actions anytime, anywhere. The MavSocial mobile app allows you to take your social media management on the go.

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