Facebook Ad Management in MavSocial

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Facebook Ad Management Now Fully Integrated into MavSocial

Connecting to Your Target Audience via Facebook Just Got Easier…

Yes! You read that right… You can now manage your Facebook Ads and track performance right in MavSocial.

The primary benefit of using a social media marketing platform, like MavSocial, is the convenience of creating, managing, and monitoring all of your social media content and social media marketing campaigns all from one easy-to-use dashboard.

And we’re not just talking about managing content…

From what our clients tell us, MavSocial saves them bucketloads of time by not having to log into individual platforms or toggle back and forth between apps and accounts.

We know that a solid social media strategy these days often incorporates Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns, which have to be managed from within Facebook or another third-party application, until now…


Facebook Advertising in MavSocial

That’s right, the latest update to our app integrates Facebook Ad management into your social media campaigns. 

As of today, you can create and manage Facebook advertising campaigns within MavSocial. And with MavSocial’s advanced built-in analytics, you’ll be able to easily identify high-performing posts and have the ability to “boost” them in an instant. You can also see paid performance data of your Ad activities from your dashboard.

Creating a Facebook Ad

Want to create an Ad from scratch?

Well, we’ve got you covered.

First, make sure you have added your Facebook Ad account to MavSocial via the Accounts page.

  1. Choose imagery from your digital library or upload new visual content into the Post Manager.

Boost Facebook Ad in MavSocial


2. Then, click the “Boost Post” button and select your target audience for your campaign and Ad sets, just like you can do already in Facebook.

Targeting Data and Details for Facebook Ads in MavSocial


3. Create and finalize your Ad for publishing!

Facebook Ads Dashboard in MavSocial

Bonus: Any visual content you use in your Ads will be stored in your digital library for potential re-use in future campaigns.


Track Performance and Plan Your Next Social Media Campaign

It’s not just about creating the creative and campaigns—you also need to monitor performance. With our latest update, your Facebook Ad performance will sync with your Facebook Ad Manager account. You will also be able to control and edit your Ad spend, budget limits, campaign timeframes, and audiences.

The beauty of this update is that you can access social media content and Ad analytics all from the one place, giving you a holistic and accurate picture of your social media performance as well as your target social media reach.

Access to real-time engagement and data means you can easily, and more effectively, plan your next content and advertising campaign.

Facebook Ad Reports in MavSocial

Ready to try out our new features?

We want to keep these features as affordable as possible. Facebook Ad management capabilities are available in the Agency and Enterprise plans. 

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