How to approve social media contributor content

How to Approve a Contributor’s Social Media Posts with MavSocial

Social media marketing is a collaborative effort. The largest companies have clear structures and defined roles, with some people writing content, others taking care of community management, and still, others driving larger strategies and monitoring results.

With social media software that’s geared towards teams, all efforts are managed in a way that represents everyone’s unique roles.

We’ve recently taken our Teams & Brands feature (available to organizations both large and small using our Enterprise edition) up a notch. Not only can you organize teams, segment social profiles, manage various brands and regions and assign the right permissions based on an individual’s role in a team, but you can now approve a contributor’s social media posts right inside the app.

This powerful feature really smooths out complicated workflows.

Schedule posts, respond to interactions, and monitor social media performance, all in one place.

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Why you might want to approve social media content before it goes live

Large brands

Companies with large social media teams have set processes to make sure any content that goes out is…

  • Regionally correct
  • On brand
  • On schedule
  • In line with current promos/campaigns

Whether a manager needs to review social media posts in multiple languages or simply double-check that a junior content creator met the project scope and is keeping the brand message consistent, approving content before it goes out is an absolute must for brands, non-profits, governments, educational institutions, etc.


Digital marketing agencies rely on social media software to manage multiple accounts for their clients.

Employees of digital marketing agencies (and solopreneurs) sometimes need to get prior approval from a client before posting an important announcement or get the green light on every piece of social media content that goes out.

Excel spreadsheets are commonly used to submit content for review, but they don’t allow you to quickly see a social media image next to its caption. And let’s face it: Excel is pretty uninspiring when it comes to content.


What makes approving social media content in-app more efficient

Let’s break it down.

Scenario 1:

  1. Create a month’s worth of social media posts
  2. Submit them for review via email in a spreadsheet
  3. Track any revision requests
  4. Make the revisions where needed
  5. Resubmit
  6. Once finalized, schedule with your social publishing tool

Scenario 2:

  1. Create a month’s worth of social media posts
  2. Schedule them immediately
  3. Request approval in-app
  4. Watch approved posts publish according to schedule
  5. Directly edit unapproved posts in-app
  6. Once finalized, you’re done

Scenario 2 allows you to streamline the approval process so that when something is approved, it’s automatically ready to be published at the right date and time. And for unapproved posts, a content creator can simply run down the list, make changes, and resubmit.


How to do post approvals with MavSocial

Because MavSocial lets you create unique brands and teams, there can be a variety of contributors and approvers organized accordingly. Managers will still only manage the content of their assigned teams and profiles.

Admin assigns the correct roles


Contributor creates & schedules social media posts


Contributor submits posts for approval



Approver receives a notification email


Approver approves or denies posts in-app


The contributor receives a notification email



Making the approval process more visual

Social media content spreadsheets (a common way to submit and review content) typically include the file name and/or location in the “image” column.

Our post approvals show the actual preview of the post including images, text, and URL.

Approvers will be able to see the preview of the post in the email notification AND in the list of content pending approval.

Because every subscription of MavSocial comes with a digital asset management system, having the images directly in the post is very convenient. When creating and scheduling content, contributors can pull from the company’s Digital Library.

No need to find the right file name put it in a spreadsheet, and then later upload the file.


Start approving posts with MavSocial Enterprise

The ability to approve social media posts is available inside every Enterprise edition of MavSocial. And we’re continually developing functionality to make collaborating even easier.

To arm your agency or brand with in-app approvals and streamlined scheduling, get in touch with us for a demo.



Schedule posts, respond to interactions, and monitor social media performance, all in one place.

Claim Your MavSocial Free Trial

Schedule posts, respond to interactions, and monitor social media performance, all in one place.

Claim Your MavSocial Free Trial
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