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Instagram Direct Publishing Now Available on MavSocial

Instagram direct publishing is now available on the MavSocial platform.

Previously, Instagram publishing was done via the MavSocial mobile app. You can now publish or schedule single-image posts to Instagram Business profiles directly from the platform. Please note, with Instagram’s current API, only single-image posts are available.

To enable Instagram direct publishing, you will need to refresh your Instagram tokens. This can easily be done by going to the Networks tab and clicking on the refresh button next to your Instagram Business profile.

Available for Enterprise, Business, PRO and Advanced subscriptions.

Step by step instructions

  1. Navigate to Post Manager
  2. Click on Instagram tab
  3. Select an Instagram Business profile
  4. Craft your post by filling in the post description, adding a single image and relevant information
  5. Click publish to post to Instagram

MavSocial Post Manager Instagram Publisher Social Media Post Manager

Some requirements:

  • Maximum file size: 8MB
  • Must be within a 4:5 to 1.91:1 aspect ratio range
  • Minimum resolution: 150×150 (lower resolutions will be scaled up to the minimum)
  • Maximum resolution: 1920×1080 (higher resolutions will be scaled down to the maximum)
Publish and schedule posts directly to Instagram with MavSocial.No credit card required
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