MavSocial Announces Location Tagging and Ad Comment Monitoring

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Announcing Location Tagging and Ad Comment Monitoring

Wow! Its 2019 already, the last year has absolutely flown by!

Here at MavSocial, we have been busy continuing to develop great new features and squash those pesky little bugs to make your social media marketing even easier!

Location Based Tagging for Both Facebook and Instagram

One of our most requested features has become a reality. Now you can tag locations on all your scheduled Instagram and Facebook posts!

No more having to go back and edit the post after it’s been published.

The location tagging feature is available for single image posts for Facebook Pages, Groups and Instagram Business accounts in Post Manager

How does it work in MavSocial?

  1. Navigate to Post Manager
  2. Click on the Facebook or Instagram tab
  3. Select any Facebook page, group or Instagram Business profile
  4. Compose your post and type the location in “Tag Location” input field
  5. Choose the location you wish to add

Monitor Facebook and Instagram Comments From Unpublished/Dark Posts

Dark or unpublished posts are posts that don’t appear in the normal page timeline and only appear via ads or direct links.

And previously, when using Dark Posts in Facebook Ad campaigns, it’s always been a challenge to view the related comments. But not anymore! Now you have the ability to manage Dark Post comments from your Social Inbox. (PRO and above)

You will need to make sure you have connected your Facebook Ad account to MavSocial so that you can see the comments in your inbox.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Navigate to Social Inbox
  2. Click on the Instagram tab
  3. Select ‘Ad Comments’ option in the Filters Panel
  4. Ad Comments will appear in yellow

BTW – did you know that you can boost Facebook Posts from within MavSocial Business and Enterprise versions?

Suggestions on How to Improve MavSocial?

We love to get feedback/suggestions from users on what new functionality we should be adding and ways to generally improve MavSocial.

Just drop us an email at and tell us your thoughts – it would be great to hear from you!

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