MavSocial announce Exclusive Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals with Ninja Outreach!

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Taking full control of your Social Media has never been easier

We wanted to get in on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday action this year. So, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Ninja Outreach to offer two incredible deals this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

This Black Friday Cyber Monday, get all the software you need to start creating killer social media campaigns, without all the hassle.

MavSocial NinjaOutreach Black Friday Cyber Monday formula for success.


Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals:

This Black Friday and Cyber Monday only, between 00:00 and 24:00 PDT, get your hands on these exclusive deals:


Ninja Outreach

PRO Lifetime 50% Off
$468 /year

FLEX Life 2019

PRO Life 2019

  • Manage up to 30 social media accounts
  • Up to 3 users
  • Google Chrome Extension
  • 1-on-1 training session
  • Social Listening
  • 4,000 contacts to manage at a time
  • 4 seats/team members
  • 4 connected emails
  • Max emails per month 10,000*
  • Max emails per day 1,500*
  • 6,000 contacts to manage at a time
  • 6 seats/team members
  • 6 connected emails
  • Max emails per month 15,000**
  • Max emails per day 2,000**

*for the first two years and then only $75/year
**for the first two years and then only $100/year

Your New Social Media Toolkit

MavSocial and Ninja Outreach provide you with all the tools to manage and analyze your social media channels, while easily incorporating outreach campaigns. These include influencer marketing and email lead generation.

How? Start with MavSocial to bring all your social media accounts to one dashboard. Managing all of your social media marketing from one place is going to save you heaps of time logging in and out of various accounts, posting to each individually, and keeping track of all the campaigns you’re running across multiple networks.

In short, this will significantly streamline your workflow.

Hear what people are saying on social media with Social Listening, and use hot topics and real-time conversations to pump up your social media campaigns. Watching your audience sentiment is going to allow you to understand how your audience feels about your brand, business, and social media accounts.



Then search for social media influencers to add to your campaigns, using Ninja Outreach’s Influencer Search tools. Screen your selected influencers with Ninja Outreach’s API, which automatically finds key engagement data, including average engagement rates, average comment count, like count, and more. 

Reach out to your new network of Influencers with your own message templates, and start your influencer campaigns without spending hours doing it all manually.

Now, sit back and monitor your social media performance with MavSocial’s reporting tools, and measure consumer response by mining Instagram data with the help of Ninja Outreach’s API. 

Using these tools together will save you tons of time that would be wasted managing your social media separately and manually searching and reaching out to Influencers and leads. 

It’s time that your company goes on your holiday gift list to get sales and marketing red-lined for 2020! Just go to these links on Black Friday or on Cyber Monday to grab the bull by the horns and to start managing your social media and marketing efforts in the most efficient and professional manner.