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[ANNOUNCEMENT] MavSocial Launches User-Generated Content Curation, Multi-Image Publisher and more!

It’s been a busy couple of months here at MavSocial, our team has been hard at work on adding new features and improving our platform to help you optimize your social media marketing efforts. So without further ado, here are the latest features on MavSocial.


UGC Curation

We’re excited to announce that in addition to the current digital library and stock images tool, you can now directly integrate user-generated content into your posts using MavSocial.


And as I’m sure you’re aware, UGC has been proven to be very effective in building consumer trust and driving sales.

This new feature allows you to search, curate and manage content usage rights, which is an integral part of working with UGC, all within our platform. What would have taken hours of tireless searching, messaging to get user permission and checking for responses is now one seamless process. All you have to do is input a search, select the photo or video you like and send our canned (or you can personalize your own) comment to the user or influencer. The comment will include instructions for the user to grant permission on using their content. Once the user approves, a notification will appear and the content will automatically be uploaded to your digital library.

MavSocial_UGC_Approval with hashtag screenshot


Facebook Multi-Image Publishing

The latest update to our Facebook Post Manager lets you upload multiple images in one post so you have more room for creativity. Take advantage of this feature by telling a story, sharing elaborate visuals to showcase your brand and stand out from the crowd.

To do this, simply create a post like you normally would and upload multiple pictures before posting. And of course, you can always preview and rearrange the images to make sure it’s perfect before publishing.

MavSocial_Multi Image Post screenshot

We’ll also be introducing Facebook’s Slideshow feature next month and Carousel soon after so stay posted!


New Social Inbox Layout

We’ve also updated the layout and functionality of the Social Inbox to streamline how you monitor and engage with your audience. No more toggling between social networks and accounts just to see who’s tagged you or commented on your posts. Instead, keep track of replies, comments and messages and respond in real-time to stay connected with your audience in one convenient inbox.

MavSocial_Social Inbox


Facebook Video Crossposting

Last but not least, because videos are such an effective medium in generating engagement, we’ve integrated Facebook’s crossposting functionality for those who want to share videos between Pages with different owners. Facebook explains this as a tool where “…publishers can reach new, relevant audiences, avoid sending and re-uploading video, and see aggregated insights for posts across all Pages. The crossposter (the Page that did not originally upload the video) can distribute videos in a customized post and get insights into video performance on their specific Page.”. So, if you manage a lot of Pages or have videos you want to share on others’ Pages, this is the tool for you!

Facebook Crossposting

Many of these features are available in our Enterprise plan so give it a try by logging in or contact us for more information.

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