MavSocial – The Social Dashboard for Visual Content Marketers

How many times a week do you use images in your social marketing content? Daily? Several times a day?

Using visual content in your online marketing is nearly mandatory now. If you want your content to attract attention and get shared, it’s got to stand out. And what better way to get noticed than by using outstanding images in your posts.

But here’s the problem. Managing all those images can be a nightmare. 

OK, maybe not a nightmare, but it can get overwhelming pretty quickly. Here’s what happens:

  1. You have to find images by creating them yourself or buying them.
  2. You have to store them somewhere, on your computer or cloud storage like Dropbox.
  3. You need to be able to quickly find the right image for the right message and it needs to be sized correctly for the platform you’re posting to.

How do you keep track of all that?

I confess, my image organization is messy and it takes me too much time to find and design the perfect image. Then, I lose track of where I posted the image. And, I’m lazy so I don’t want to reformat an image to be the correct size for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. It’s a lot of work…

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Source: MavSocial – The Social Dashboard for Visual Content Marketers

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