3 New MavSocial App Updates You Need to Try Right Now

MavSocial is Bigger and Better – Bigger Reach, Better Integrations, and Bulk Uploading


At MavSocial we don’t like to rest on one’s laurels. We’re always looking for ways to improve our platform, and take social media and content marketing to the next level. This is one of the reasons why marketers love MavSocial, and why we continue to be a leader in social media marketing solutions.

So when our development team got to work on the latest updates to the MavSocial app, the objective was clear: Let’s go bigger and better!

And we’re proud to announce that’s exactly what we did.

Here’s the rundown on MavSocial’s latest and greatest features.

  1. Facebook tagging functionality

One of the easiest ways to help increase reach on Facebook is to include tags in posts. Tagging another Facebook page is the ultimate shout-out and an effective way to reach out to partner organizations, influencers, fans, clients or even to highlight or promote an event.

Once a user realises they have been tagged, they are more likely to share your post with their fans, so you reach new and larger audiences. This method of third party endorsement also gives you invaluable social credibility.

Tagging hasn’t been possible with MavSocial…until now.

Our latest release makes Facebook tagging available for monthly and annual plans. You can easily use the tagging feature in Facebook by using the ‘@’ symbol followed by the account or page name (for those accounts that enable the feature).

Facebook, Social Media

  1. Twitter post bulk uploader

One of the most popular features of MavSocial is the ability to repeat posts and campaigns. This functionality is particularly useful for Twitter, which lends itself well to multiple posts per day.

In fact, in this recent article we suggest tweeting at least five times a day to get the most retweets, and up to 20 times a day if focused on overall presence and reach.

While MavRepeater makes it incredibly easy to repeat posts once they are created, the challenge is the time it takes to create and schedule each individual post.

This is why we’re so excited to announce that all paid users will now be able to bulk upload Twitter posts with an Excel spreadsheet. The bulk uploader enables you to upload 250 Twitter posts in one file making it a big time saver.

Twitter, Social Media, Bulk Uploader

Why create posts in Excel first?

Marketers report several benefits in creating multiple posts in an Excel file first before scheduling in another tool, including the ability to:

  • See all posts together in one spreadsheet, making it easier to copy, paste, and edit between items.
  • Easily share proposed posts with stakeholders that don’t already collaborate within MavSocial.

Once you have uploaded the file to MavSocial you will still be able to edit each bulk-uploaded post, add any images, and schedule posts accordingly. You will then be able to access your “Campaign Calendar” to see when each post is scheduled for publishing.

Twitter, Social Media, Bulk Uploader

  1. Google Drive integration

 At MavSocial we’ve always appreciated the importance of visual content when it comes to social media reach, engagement, and sales. Visual assets are by far the most favoured types of content used by social media marketers, which is why one of our main features is our Digital Library.

With MavSocial, you can upload your own photos and videos to your own Digital Library, which is readily accessible from the same dashboard you use to create and schedule posts. This stand-out feature works incredibly well for users who don’t already have a visual asset management system.

But what if you already store all your images and videos in another cloud based platform? For example, many organisations and marketers already use popular platforms such as Google Drive to manage their visual assets.

Up until now, MavSocial users wishing to access an image from Google Drive for a social media post would have to log into Google Drive, download and save the image, then upload the same image to MavSocial for posting.

Although it sounds relatively easy to do, you have to admit that this process isn’t all that efficient. This can lead to the unnecessary duplication of files, and time-wasting, which is exactly why MavSocial now integrates with Google Drive. With the latest release, Agency and Enterprise account users will be able to access Google Drive, all from MavSocial’s dashboard.

Google Drive, Visual Asset Management

With a couple of clicks, you will easily be able to connect MavSocial to your Google Drive account, making it even easier to access your Google Drive folders and any saved images or videos.

Google Drive, Visual Asset Management

Google Drive will appear as a tab in your Digital Library and you will be able to access its contents directly from Post Manager.

Google Drive, Visual Asset Management

Do I need a paid plan to access the new features?

We understand that most organisations and marketers don’t have huge marketing budgets. In our latest upgrade we didn’t hold back on making the most awesome product possible. In order to reach our goal to be bigger and better, we needed to create premium features.

That being said, we wanted to keep as much of these features as affordable as possible. The great news is that Facebook tagging functionality and bulk tweet uploading are available to all monthly and yearly paid plans.

If you have a limited budget, then the MavSocial Advanced plan may be the perfect solution for you.

Agency or Enterprise users will also be able to access the additional Google Drive integration feature.

Take advantage of some of our bigger and better features with an Agency or Enterprise plan. Request a free demo today.

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