How to Maximize Your Tweets with Twitter’s New Character Counts

You can now use MavSocial to maximize all 140 characters

MavSocial works with Twitter’s brand new character counts!

If you’re excited to have more room to breathe, we’re right there with you. In May, Twitter announced its plans to expand the character count in a way that would better reflect the multimedia hub that Twitter has become.

In the late 00s, the 140 characters might have felt brief, but they were enough. Now though—with so many multimedia posts—it’s a struggle.

Between adding media and jumping into Twitter Chats, the old counts weren’t working for many users.

The New Changes to Twitter

Twitter will no longer count handles as part of the 140 characters.
What this means:

  • Reply to someone with a long handle and still have the same amount of room for your response.
  • Easily reply to multiple people in a conversation or chat

Media attachments don’t count either.
What this means:

  • Add photos, GIFs, videos, polls, and quote tweets with no repercussions
  • Have more space to contextualize and describe your attachments

Replies will now reach all of your followers.

What this means:

  • Never have to start a Tweet with .@ ever again
  • Write more meaningful responses that your followers will want to see

You have the ability to retweet and quote tweet yourself.

What this means:

  • Quickly share a tweet that deserves more traction
  • Works best for recent tweets that you can easily find on your profile (try MavRepeater for evergreen tweets)

MavSocial is compatible with these new changes to Twitter

Can you use Twitter’s new character counts with MavSocial? Yes you can!

We’re happy to announce that because this has been on our radar, we’re able to bring you these new features today. The MavSocial platform has already made the switch, so go ahead and start writing longer tweets.

Use the new Twitter character counts to improve your profile

The most important thing to keep in mind anytime a social media platform releases a new feature is this: how can I use this to better engage with my audience?

So before you go forth writing long-winded tweets, remember that brevity is still instrumental to the network and short tweets are sometimes best.

It’s no surprise that links still count as part of the 140 because tweets with links that are under 115 do better than those who stretch all the way to 140—so it wouldn’t have made sense to make tweets with links even longer.

Of course, there are times when having a long tweet will absolutely improve the experience for your audience.

  • Meaningful, emotional announcement
  • Visual storytelling
  • Replies that add real value to a conversation

If you use longer tweets to do all of the above, you’re on the right track. Those extra characters will make it so much easier to teach something, voice your opinion, or share something that matters to you.

Don’t forget to update your existing tweets

Were there some tweets that you scheduled where you wished you could have had more space? Go back to campaign calendar and see if there any tweets that deserve a redo.

If you use MavRepeater, you should also check through those tweets and update them. It’s good to do this about every three months anyways, so consider it a refresh for all of your repeat tweets.

To get started with slightly longer pre-scheduled tweets, sign up for a trial of MavSocial Pro.

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