How to Pick Blog Post Topics That Boost Social Engagement

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Create more raving fans of your brand by choosing blog post topics that are perfect for driving social engagement

Tell me if this situation sounds familiar.

You spend hours creating a blog post that you just know your readers will love. Seriously – you’re sure that this post will go viral and land your brand tons of social media engagement.

Once the post is ready to go, you publish it. Then, you wait for the notifications to start pouring in.

…But that never happens.

In fact, you don’t get a single social share.

Well, isn’t that discouraging?

You put so much effort into creating the best possible content, and you still can’t seem to get the results you’re after.

What went wrong? Why the heck aren’t your readers sharing your blog posts like crazy?

The answer could lie in the blog post topics you’re choosing to write about.

So, let’s talk about the best ways to come up with blog post ideas that’ll make your audience click, read, and share.

Learn How to Write Better Headlines

Search social media

If you want to write a blog post that gets lots of social media engagement, find inspiration from other blog posts in your niche that get lots of attention.

For example, you can start by looking up hashtags related to your blog topic on Twitter.

Let’s say you have a blog where you teach other people about blogging. You could look up the hashtag “#BloggingTips” on Twitter.


You’d then see a bunch of Tweets with that hashtag.

Here’s the first one that pops up:


Looks like it got a lot lots of retweets and likes!

So, you could consider writing a post with the steps to starting a blog and feel more confident knowing your post would get good engagement too.

You can use a similar strategy on most social media sites – just search for key words or hashtags related to your blog niche and see which posts are getting the most attention.

Of course, be sure you put your own spin on the blog post topics you choose – no one likes a copycat!

Use keyword research

If you’ve been blogging for a while, you’re probably already familiar with Google Keyword Planner.

But have you ever used it to come up with new blog post topics?

You totally can – and should.

Imagine you run a vegan food blog. You could enter something related to your blog niche into the keyword search tool – like “eating vegan food.”



You could come up with lots of blog post topics just from the first page of results here.

For example, you could write a post about easy vegan recipes, vegan diet planning, or vegan cheese options and feel pretty confident that those would be successful.

At the top of your search results, you’ll see a download button that looks like this:


Click it, and you can export a spreadsheet with all of the key words related to your search.


Save your spreadsheet, and keep it handy any time you need to brainstorm new blog post topics.

To sum up:

Not only will Google Keyword Planner help you find inspiration for good blog post topics – it’ll help you pick topics that boost your blog’s SEO.

That way, you can pick topics that boost your social media engagement by discovering what content people are searching for and drive more traffic to your site. Score.

Get inspired by customer conversations

This is one of the best and easiest ways to come up with blog post topics that get lots of engagement. You simply look at past conversations you’ve had with customers and draw inspiration from those.

Start by looking at your blog comments section and the emails you’ve received from your readers.

Make a list of the questions they’ve asked you and the concerns they’ve raised in the past.

Then, ask yourself:

Can I answer any of these questions in the form of an in-depth blog post?

For example, here’s a comment that a reader left on one of my blog posts about freelance writing:


Remember: effective blog post headlines are critical to social media engagement!

Regardless of the topic you choose, your headline copy is what will convince people to read and share your content on social media.

So, make sure you spend plenty of time crafting enticing headlines for every blog post you write.

If you’re not sure how to do that, use the 4 U’s Formula:

Blog Topics Infographic-d2

If your headline meets this criteria, you can feel more confident that your post will be read and shared.

Keep in mind that, no matter what you do, building a name for yourself in the blogging world will take some time. But if you approach your blog with a solid strategy in mind, you should be well-equipped to drive social media engagement with your content.




Learn How to Write Better Headlines
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