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The December 2020 Update

There’s no denying that 2020 has been rough on us all. With people across the globe more isolated than ever, the reliance on online communication channels such as social media has never been more critical.

Our goal is to keep businesses connected to their customers. We’re committed to helping companies communicate with their customers and audiences, no matter the obstacles. That’s why we empower our customers with regular feature updates to MavSocial with exciting new features and changes. 

Improvements to Reports for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Reports are critical for analyzing strengths, and importantly, weaknesses in your social media marketing strategies, and visually communicating these to managers and clients. We’re continually improving your social media reports to give you the best visualization of your social media performance. 

New Metrics in Facebook Ad Reports

Ad reports for Facebook now include new metrics to help you make a valuable analysis of your Facebook ad performance and export directly from MavSocial. Learn more about the new metrics on our help environment

Improved Top Posts Analysis for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Reports

Analyzing your top-performing social media posts just got more manageable and more beautiful. View key performance metrics of your most successful posts for each platform in a clear and visual way. 

MavSocial Reports Top Posts for Instagram Facebook Twitter Analytics

Take a look at our Sample Report to see our latest changes!

Instagram carousel post publishing just got easier.

As you may already know, Instagram’s API doesn’t allow for pushing multi-image carousel posts via Desktop. With MavSocial, we’re making getting around this hurdle as straight-forward as possible by creating the post on Desktop and finishing it off on the MavSocial Mobile App. In our December 2020 update, this process has been streamlined. You can effortlessly find and publish your Instagram posts on mobile with a unique post tag for posts requiring manual publishing. 

MavSocial Multi-Image Instagram Carousel Post Publishing Scheduling

Target ZIP codes with Facebook Bulk Ads!

Our powerful Bulk Ads functionality for Facebook just got better. New functionality allows for precise ad geo-targeting using ZIP codes. For businesses or franchises with multiple physical locations, ads can be precisely targeted for multiple locations at once. 

Facebook Bulk Ads ZIP Code Targeting

Retry failed Facebook Ads in a click.

It’s always annoying when your Facebook ads fail for one reason or another. Luckily, you can retry failed ads with a single click now in MavSocial, helping make your all-in-one social media ad management easier. 

We’re always working hard to make MavSocial the most powerful social media software and continuously bring you brand new feature updates. 

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