The January 2021 Update from MavSocial

The January 2021 Update

New year, new features! We’re thrilled to be kicking off the new year with even more new features and updates so that you can harness even more power from MavSocial.

Introducing Instagram Ads Management!

Most excitingly, we’ve added Instagram Ad Management capabilities to our Business and Enterprise level subscriptions. This gives our users all the functionality of MavSocial’s powerful Facebook Ads tools. Including the ability to create and manage ads for Instagram, with Instagram ad reporting to be released shortly!

Now, Publish GIFs as Videos

Did you know, on average, the engagement rate for a post with a GIF increases by 20% for a B2C brand and 10% for a B2B brand? MavSocial now makes it possible to share your favorite GIFs to Facebook and Instagram, by automatically converting GIF files to looping videos upon publishing via the Post Manager. All the more reason to post them!

Top Posts Just Got Beautiful

Identifying your best-performing social media content is critical to see where your content is working and help direct your strategy. We’ve made changes to how you can view your best-performing content and made the Top Posts sections of your reports much more visual.

MavSocial's January 2021 Update brings Beautiful Ways to View Your Top Social Media Posts and Metrics

In Top Posts, view your best performing posts with key metrics.

Sentiment Analysis Comes to Social Listening

Sentiment Analysis utilizes advanced text recognition AI to allow you to quickly view and filter posts and comments by sentiment – Positive, Negative, Neutral, or Mixed. This impressive feature is now integrated into our popular Social Listening feature, giving you the ability to search conversations on social media and quickly analyze and filter by how the audience feels.

Adding Instagram Hashtags Directly to the Comments Section

Ever since we first introduced the ability to add content to the first comment of your Instagram posts automatically when publishing, you’ve been asking for a faster way to add Hashtags to your comments sections too. Of course, we listened to your requests and now made it possible to add your custom pre-formatted lists of Instagram Hashtags directly to the comments section, without any extra clicks needed.

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