Five Examples of Creative and Successful QR Code Campaigns

QR codes are small squares that are jam-packed with data that have not achieved the same level of popularity in the United States that they have in Japan, Singapore, Thailand and other Asian nations, they can be utilized in creative ways to attract customers and pedestrians alike to your business. A successful QR code campaigns is never as easy as one technique.

An acronym for “quick response” codes, QR codes are finding their way into paper advertisements, posters, and other products. When someone with a smartphone scans the code with one of many scanning apps available for free on the market, they are directed to a site or page of your choosing. What are some interesting and creative ways that you can use to incorporate QR codes in your brand marketing?

1. Edible Presentation

A bakery based in #Montreal, Canada has created edible QR codes for their customers! Clevercupcakes placed QR codes atop delicious frosting on their cupcakes and upon scanning the sweet treat, you will be directed to the website of the Montreal Science Center. QR codes are becoming an alternative to business cards, and who wouldn’t love an edible one?

2. Life-Saving Technology

Mercedes-Benz has long touted the use of QR codes in their campaigns, including one last year where people could scan QR codes of specially designed cars to reveal photos of the company’s latest model. More recently, #MercedesBenz is incorporating this technology in all of their new cars to provide instant access to rescue sheets to emergency responders. These data-packed squares will give emergency workers an essential guide on how to remove people from the vehicle.

3. Know Your Audience

Mountain Dew #mountaindew and Taco Bell #tacobell partnered together to give customers free music downloads just by scanning a QR code on their beverage cups with every purchase of a large drink. This was a great way to attract more of their target audience: younger people. At the end of the QR Code campaign, Green Label Sound and the companies involved had over 200,000 downloads.

4. Personalized Gifts

JCPenney stores allow customers to personalize their gifts with “Santa tags” with every purchase. By scanning these codes, buyers can record their voice for the recipient and then attach them to the present. It’s a great way to not only use the QR code to build relationships between the customer and the company, but as a form of personalized social communication. In fact, Qramel, a company that specializes in these interactive programmable stickers, has great ideas for students, educators, and and professionals alike.

5. Where Do You Like to Eat?

Google offered restaurant owners small window decals with QR codes generated specifically for that business, with reviews, ratings, and other information about that particular establishment. As people walked by, they can scan these QR codes to get an idea of where they might want to eat. Google identified over 100,000 businesses in the United States as “Favorite Places on Google” based on the rating that people gave out through scanning these QR codes.

Interactivity is one of the huge benefits of QR codes and you can also play with the design after it has been generated if you want something a little more eye-catching and representative of your business.

By Maventus Group #maventus makers of MavSocial #mavsocial – social media software for business

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