“HELP! My Skype Got Hacked” SKype is a great communication and marketing tool until...your account gets HACKED! Your first reaction, after screamning, is probably to simply open a new Skype account. If you happen to have a csv file of your Skype contacts, you can add them all at once to your new account. BUT there are two reasons why this might not be the best idea. 1) Your old hacked Skype account is out there in someone else's hands with your name and brand on it and you have NO idea what they are doing under your name. More than likely it is NOT something you would be happy to have associated with your name. After all, they STOLE your account. AND as the first hacker was able to get into your first account, he or she probably left some unwanted goodies on your computer that may very well be leaving your new account and all your personal information susceptible to being hacked as well. The better choice is to recover your hacked account. You work hard to brand yourself and don't want a hacker to ruin your reputation. In addition, your hacked Skype account may very well come back to bite you and your contacts. The good news is that you CAN get your hacked account back. The first step is to scan your computer and get rid of the malware you more than likely have on your computer as a result of being hacked. The 3 best products to use are Malawarebytes, SuperantiSpyware and Avast or any good anti-virus program. You want to be sure to rid your computer of any keyloggers to protect yourself and your information. All you need to do is recover. And know you can… we know from extensive experience. People have referred others to Julie for years now to help them recover their hacked Skype accounts. She has a 100% recovery rate so we know it can be done, no matter what. It just takes in some cases, lots of time and persistence and sometimes, a supervisor at Skype Live Chat Support. A recovery kicks out the hacker and prevents them from getting in again. IF you change your password for your Skype registered email or better yet, change the registered email on the Skype account FIRST. Then recover with a change of password. But these are steps 2 and 3… after cleaning and FINDING the malware FIRST! Learn more about Skype Hack Safety and Recovery, Skype Marketing, and more about how to use Skype to grow your business. Contact Julie Wolf Skype Coach by visiting seeyouonskype.com. See you on Skype.

12 Suggested Security and Privacy Guidelines for Social Media

Recently a colleague of mine who’s a social media marketer posted a question on Facebook. She said she was sitting down to update her company’s social media guidelines and asked her network for suggestions. There then helpfully followed a number of good suggestions to which I added my own: “Don’t forget to include security/privacy guidelines,”

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15 Social Media Concepts to Make You a More Marketable Social Media Professional

Approximately 73% of Fortune 500 companies have a Twitter account; 66% have Facebook Pages. However, many of these organizations lack experienced personnel to truly unleash the power of social media. According to a survey by Harvard Business Review of 2,100 companies, only 12% of those utilizing media feel they use it effectively. Further, online job

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