Four Clever New Social Media Campaigns

Four Clever New Social Media Campaigns

The good use of visual images, engagement, competitions are some of the fine qualities we see in this batch of social media campaigns. However, one that particularly stands out is the use of excellent and rich visual content.

First, we see Swimsuits for All with Ashley Graham in their “You’ve Got It. Flaunt It” campaign.  Next, is the astonishingly beautiful images of Avatar’s ramped up social media efforts to promote the movie’s sequel. Mitsubishi creates stunning videos for their Outlander PHEV campaign, and Interflora‘s Valentine’s social media campaign.

They say that content is king, and brands that create rich and meaningful content further establish themselves as credible and authoritative among their followers. Good content is also a wonderful way of attracting new customers. So without further ado, here’s a look at some standout social media campaign launches.

Bikini Campaign Makes a Splash

Swimwear brand Swimsuits for All has launched a social media campaign with plus-size model Ashley Graham to promote a new swimwear range. The tagline of the campaign is “You’ve Got It. Flaunt It” and the range is for sizes 10-34. Working with a well-known personality is a smart move, not only because of the publicity it generates, but also because the celebrity may promote your campaign to his or her own followers.

The social media campaign has exceptional visual content and aimed clearly at the demographic of plus-sized female audience. The sexy Ashley Graham was also featured in the Feb 9, 2015 issue of Sports Illustrated.


Ashley Graham has already taken to her social media network to let her fans know about the new campaign. One of her tweets said, “Secret’s out!! So honored to be the face of #CurvesInBikinis for @swimsuitsforall!” The message also links to the campaign’s Instagram page.


Avatar Movie Makers Release Massive Social Media Campaign for Forthcoming Sequels

The epic science fiction film Avatar is still the highest grossing movie of all time, with three sequels are in the pipeline for release between 2017 and 2019. To build anticipation for the movie events, the social media team working on the next films in the series have started to ramp up their efforts on social networks. Although Avatar’s Facebook page has remained active since the original 2009 release with a massive 53,000,000 followers, other platforms have quietened down.

Avatar Movie on Facebook from MavSocial

That is all changing now, so expect to see more activity on Tumblr and Pinterest as Avatar’s marketing team keeps fans up-to-date with post production news and hints about forthcoming story lines. On Avatar’s Instagram page, there are even Na’vi vocabulary lessons, while on Twitter, followers can earn Na’vi badges for interacting with the page.

There may be approximately two years to go before we see the next Avatar on the big screen, but the movie’s social media team hope to keep the planet engaged until then.


The Car is the Star of these Online Videos

To promote the brand new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, Mitsubishi Motors UK has created five videos for social media, which feature real-life stories of consumers who have just started to drive the vehicle. The first film has recently been published and features company car owner Denver Logan, a business development manager for a TV company.

The 5-minute film shows Denver driving the family-sized SUV while being asked his reasons for selecting the car. “I was a little surprised when I was asked to be in one of the films but I wanted to do it because I am such a big fan of the car,” he said.

“I was looking for a new company car and a business associate told me to check out the Outlander PHEV. He told me that, financially, it was a no-brainer, so I researched it. The more I looked into it, the more I realized it was the car for me. The savings are what made me switch in the end.”

Mitsubishi’s campaign is a good example of how to use rich video visual content to promote a product. There is ample time to show off the car’s features in a normal daily environment, while using a customer to talk about their positive experiences, therefore providing third-party validation.

A film crew of seven spent the day filming him at the company’s showroom and on a visit to a customer.

Sure, it’s unlikely that Mitsubishi would film anyone saying something negative, but audiences put more faith and trust in products when they hear other people’s experiences, as opposed to swallowing an endless stream of slogans and promotional messages.


Interflora Helps Lovers Find the Right Words

Interflora research of why it hard to love from MavSocial

In the UK, flower delivery network Interflora is gearing up for Valentine’s with a multichannel marketing push that includes social media. The ‘Verses for My Valentine’ campaign aims to help those who struggle to find the right words to say when it comes to writing romantic messages.

Amongst the free and helpful social media content is Interflora’s ‘Little Book of Romantic Verse’ and advice from experts such as a TV psychologist Emma Kenny. Other elements of the campaign include a microsite, SEO and blogger and influencer relations.

Leading up to the big, Romance Day, Interflora Facebook posts were slow but starting on February 13 posting increased in frequency to a post every six hours.

There are also the fascinating results of a romance survey.



A quick look at some of the bigger social media stories from the last week:

Accor’s Massive Rollout of Localized Websites

Hotel group Accor is increasing its social media and online marketing with a massive roll-out of 32 localized websites in 16 languages in the Asia Pacific region. Additionally, there will be a Thai version later this year.

“We have decided to act on all the levers that make up the Accor experience and that add to the customer journey,” said Vivek Badrinath, Accor’s deputy CEO.

“Travelers in Asia Pacific lead the world for mobile and social media use, so it is important for Accor to actively engage our customers on these channels and to ensure our digital services are cutting-edge and world-class.”


Harvard University Credits Social with a Rise in Applications

Harvard University announced a 9% jump in applications this year to a record 37,305, following heightened recruitment through social media. Prospective students are able to get a flavor of university life by following Harvard’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr pages. The university said that more high school seniors also applied because of a revamped website and a new blog.

Marlyn McGrath, director of admissions, said in a statement: “While it will be several years before we have definitive information about the effect of this new electronic outreach, we are encouraged by what we have seen so far.”

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