Get More Engagement with Directly Uploaded Facebook Videos

Get More Engagement with Directly Uploaded Facebook Videos

In this post you will learn why Facebook video is becoming the number one tool for social media marketers looking for engagement.

Recent studies and research show that more and more internet marketers are directly uploading video to Facebook rather than to YouTube. In the last part of 2014, videos directly uploaded to Facebook surpassed embedded links to YouTube for the first time. YouTube videos still took the lead in 2014, but if trends continue, the same will not be true in coming years. The reason for this seems to be that directly uploaded videos are attracting more attention in the way of likes, shares and views. And according to Social Media Examiner “as of September 2014, Facebook attracted a billion video views per day, a roughly 30-fold increase since July”.


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Why Video?
The answer is simple: video is dominating online media. Period. If you have partaken in the world of online marketing, then you know the term, “Content is king.” If that is the case, then video is now royalty. The truth is, advertising has taken on a new more visual life.
Take a look at some impressive and interesting statistics:

1. Video is predicted to account for 84% of internet traffic by 2018. Those stats include sites like YouTube, directly uploaded videos, Hulu and Netflix. The truth is, internet video is the wave of the future. 84% is a huge piece of the pie and, if marketers want to stay relevant, they must start utilizing this medium.

2. By 2018, nearly 51% of the world will be connected to the internet. That’s about 4 billion people which creates a great opportunity to connect with those people. This also means that those who aren’t actively using the internet to market, particularly with video, will get lost in the crowd. The global marketplace is becoming increasingly web-based. The best business people will always adjust to the market and meet their audience where they want to interact.

3. The average internet user watches 32 videos per month. That’s more than one per day. When you think of it that way, you can clearly see why video has become so important to online marketing.

Video is a Highly Effective Marketing Tool
The bottom line in business is that the numbers just don’t lie. That’s why 52% of marketing professionals name video as the medium with the highest return on investment (ROI). When you consider that 700 YouTube video links are shared on Twitter every 60 seconds, you simply can’t deny that internet video is making connections in a way that nothing else really can.

Videos have shown to create a 74% increase in people’s understanding of your product or service. That means that whatever it is that you are selling, is “sinking in.” People are “getting it” and seeing your product more clearly. This increase can easily translate to sales. 80% of internet users remember the videos they watch online. That’s a lot of people remembering what they have seen about your product and, given that they have an increased understanding, the results translate into more profits. Here’s how: 46 % of those people who remember, take some kind of action. That can mean visiting the company’s site, looking for more information, or making a purchase. As a matter of fact, 12 % of the people do indeed make a purchase.

YouTube used to rule the video roost, but that has changed… and fast. Marketers are now directly uploading videos to Facebook and totally cutting out the “middle man.” Why is this? Well, the fact of the matter is, that Facebook is more effective in getting engagement. The online audience has shown to prefer the actual video being provided to them over a link they have to follow. When it comes to internet sales and marketing, the proof is in the online behavior. Just take a look at the results found by Socialbakers below. Facebook gradually has earned more and more share of interactions online.

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In short, the market has changed and the most successful marketers and businesses are changing with it. Internet video has taken over the internet and Facebook is taking over the internet video marketing world. YouTube is being edged out and, if they wish to stay relevant, apart from the significant search benefits that it offers (similar to SEO benefits of Google+), they will have to get creative with making themselves stand out in a new and innovative way. Until they do, however, more online marketers will directly upload to Facebook and enjoy the increased interactions.

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