From the Archives: Using Pictures in Advertising

Guess what we dug up in the archives? An article from the New York Times about using pictures for advertising, published on May 22, 1921. Learn how pictures in advertising has always had a better effect on the strategy.

About 90 years ago, storeowners came to the unanimous conclusion that using pictures strategically in advertising did increase profit and consumer attention. In the study produced, there were 5 conclusions that were made about using images: 1) People want pictures, as it helps them visualize the merchandise or services being offered, 2) Using various prints and textures can help with creating a “wow” factor in the aesthetics department, 3) Illustrations can capture attention better than a slogan or headline, 4) Images are capable of achieving the core goals of marketing, including attracting attention, arousing interest, and creating desire, and 5) Illustrations get better direct results than a plain advertisement.


It is fascinating to see how images were associated very strongly with marketing and that the desire to use them in PR became a very conscious decision. With MavSocial, companies and businesses have access to high-quality stock photos through our partnership with Bigstock Stock Photos so they can  take advantage of the opportunities and advantages that using attractive images can give their social media posts. Never underestimate the benefits of a photo… as the saying goes, a picture can be worth a thousand words!

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