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AI Isn’t the Future of Content Management – It’s Here Now!

We’ve known for some time we have a content problem.

Research from Smart Insights shows that more than 3.8 million pieces of online content are posted every 60 seconds.

You read that correctly. Every…60….seconds…there are 3.3 million new Facebook posts, nearly half a million tweets, and 65,000 photos uploaded to Instagram.

We are producing and sharing an unprecedented amount of content that we are struggling to keep track of.

The Content Marketing Institute says many marketers don’t know what content they have, where to find it, and how to leverage it.

Without a doubt, we are drowning in content.

Fortunately, we’re being thrown a lifeline in the form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Experts are predicting that AI is going to solve our content organization problem, with its impact expected to be bigger than the introduction of cloud computing a decade ago.

Box CEO Aaron Levie says AI and machine learning is, in fact, the only way we can make sense of all of this data and obtain value from it.

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that machines are actually much better than people at organizing huge volumes of data.

AI has been doing it for a while now.

The AI landscape

One of the biggest predictions when it comes to artificial intelligence is that the term AI will become invisible due to its seamless integration in everyday life.

We are already conditioned to expect and rely on AI in our daily lives through voice activated devices, suggested purchases and content, plus much more.

Marketers use AI for chat and messenger bots that simulate real-time conversations with customers. These bots deliver messaging sequences and automated conversations based on user responses.

Then there are conversational interfaces like Amazon’s Alexa that are taking the world by storm, and prompting major brands to consider how to bring voice to their products and experiences.

Using AI to manage content

One of the most exciting AI developments for marketers though is the ability to manage visual content and assets.

MavSocial recently partnered with Miro to introduce image recognition functionality to our platform’s content management system (CMS).

Miro’s API will automatically tag, sort and search for your visual assets in MavSocial.

MavSocial AI image recognition

This eliminates the need for manually tagging each photo and lengthy searching for the right content.

This game-changing update will ensure you and your team spend less time being overwhelmed by administrative tasks and have more time to focus on delivering awesome content.

And it turns out we’re in good company.

Just a few months ago Box announced a partnership with Google to implement similar image recognition technology to its cloud content management firm.

Like MavSocial’s feature, their AI will auto-tag pictures making it easier to identify and find pictures later on.

The next generation of AI marketing

Marketing automation has been a fixture of content marketing strategies for the better part of the last decade or so.

We’ve been using it for lead scoring, product recommendations, and personalized email sequences, but there remains a question mark over how much time it has really saved.

The first-generation of marketing automation is resource hungry, requiring a lot of time to set-up, integrate and manage.

It usually involves creating complicated workflow sequences to achieve scale and customize the buyer journey.

But the automation has focused on the execution of our content marketing strategy.

The next generation of AI marketing is expected to go further by analyzing and understanding the data, so it can then recommend the right content for each customer.

Now, this would mean big time-savings.

A recent study found that when it comes to technologies, marketers have their sights set on AI, Internet of Things (IoT)/Connected Devices and Marketing Automation Platforms over the next two years.

And of those three technologies, AI is expected to be the number one priority.

More than 50% of marketing leaders are already using AI, and a quarter of them are planning to try it in the next two years.

The same study found that the highest performing marketing leaders and teams also have the highest AI adoption rates.

And of the marketers already using AI, 64% say it has significantly improved their marketing efficiency. 

Forbes Technology Usage by Marketers Graph


The other beauty of AI is that it enables marketers to make smarter decisions about how to enhance the consumer experience and maximize engagement.

AI promises to seamlessly target your best customers for acquisition and help nurture your existing audience.

Other time-saving marketing tricks

When it comes to managing visual assets there are plenty of other time-saving tricks that don’t require AI – many of which are available to MavSocial users.

For instance, our Digital Library enables users to efficiently store and manage all of your social media images and videos, whether they are stock images, user-generated content, custom images, infographics, product images or logos.

Key features of our digital library include:

  • Access from anywhere, anytime.
  • Enhanced collaboration and communication within your team.
  • The ability to upload and store any of your own images.
  • Automatic saving of images from your social media posts and purchases from our Photo Market.
  • Copyright and user-generated content permission management.
  • Creation of galleries that can be easily located.
  • Display of likes or shares on each individual image, so you can easily identify top-performing visual content to re-use or re-purpose.

And after finding the exact right content to post, you can use MavSocial to schedule weeks of your content at a time and even repeat social media posts.

Get on board with AI

Access MavSocial’s image recognition AI, plus all of our other great features to ensure your content marketing strategy and brand is at the forefront of the latest technology. Sign up for a free MavSocial trial today.

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