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The Top Live Streaming Strategies of Big Brands

Live streaming strategy: building brand authenticity by going off-script

With multiple platforms releasing or developing a live streaming feature, now is the time to consider whether live streaming could enhance your customers’ online experience and strengthen your online presence.

Whether you choose Periscope, Facebook Live, or any of the many popular platforms, live streaming has potential, and the big brands are doing it right. Let’s take a look at some of the strategies of the biggest brands with an online presence.


A Future Vision

The future is now; live streaming is the perfect partner for a showcase of your future business vision and is an efficient way to show off futuristic prototypes. BMW Group did this perfectly by broadcasting their world premiere, BMW: The Next 100 Years, entirely live. Normally an invite-only event, a live stream opened up the vision of the brand going forward, making it accessible anywhere in the world.


Behind the Scenes

Over 200,000 curious viewers tuned in for the first-ever live stream from Weta, the workshop behind such films as Lord of The Rings, King Kong, and Mad Max Fury Road. Customers love to go behind the scenes, what could be better than offering a real-time look into what really goes on in the day in the life of a brand?


Fashion Shows

With live streaming, you have the ability to offer front row seats to an unlimited number of viewers.

What could make your customers feel more special than being included in an exclusive event? The fashion house Dior utilized this to perfection by broadcasting live on Periscope from Paris Fashion Week 2017. No matter where they were in the world, customers or potential buyers could go online and watch models walk the runway in the Dior Homme Summer range.

Olivier Rousteing, Creative Director of Balmain, is a leader in fusing traditional fashion with technology and social media. Balmain runs an independent website, Balmain Live, which continually shows exclusive Balmain live coverage, making it one of the most technologically advanced international fashion houses.


Music and Festivals

Beyonce does it. Kanye does it. MTV does it. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers do it, too. Live streaming is the perfect partner for musicians, bands, and music platforms wanting an immediate connection with fans worldwide.

Music festivals, such as Coachella, are live streaming some or all their acts—some even in 360-degree view. The social festival and gathering, Burning Man, also broadcasts a live feed for those unable to make the event.

Science and Technology

Over 300,000 people around the world tune in 24 hours a day to view Earth from the camera docked on the International Space Station. The ISS HD Earthviewing Experiment is an example of live streaming to the extreme, but in terms of curiosity, it is the perfect way for people to experience something they’ll never get the chance to enjoy in their lifetime.

The allure of technical occupations proves the perfect partners for a live approach. As well as providing the ISS live stream, NASA also provides a live channel full of exclusive front row access to their best live events.


Unboxing and Reviewing

Chewbacca Mom taught us that an authentic reaction is worth more than a thousand write-ups. In the past, it was common for product reviews to be written articles or edited videos; not anymore. One use of live-streaming a live unboxing of an item, giving potential consumers a first-look at brand new goods.

Last year, Star Wars held a worldwide 18-hour live-streamed Unboxing Event. Taking place in 15 cities and 12 countries, fans were able to see in real-time as the merchandise for the upcoming movie The Force Awakens was released into the hands of excited fans.


Interactive Broadcasts

665,998 people tuned into Adidas Women’s ‘Rise and Shine’ with Adriene Mishler on International Yoga Day this year. Yoga fans and fans of Adidas were able to participate from wherever they were in the world, and it was a good place to showcase not only Adidas product but also to show the brand’s true commitment to a fitness-centered lifestyle.

A live feed enables people to tune in and participate in events—a perfect match for fitness brands or any brand where client participation is at its core.
Fitness personalities with eponymous brands are live streaming with amazing results. Australian fitness guru Kayla Itsines recently live-streamed her New York City fitness boot camp, drawing in over 200,000 online viewers.


Celebrities Interviews and Character Reveals

A live-streamed celebrity interview is a perfect way for your viewers to get a real feel of what it is like to speak one on one with their favorite stars. Viewers at home can participate by asking questions while the interview is running. Broadway uses this often, as you can see below they used live streaming to give fans personal time with the cast of the hit production, Hamilton.

What could be better to raise awareness of a new character than engaging current fans by releasing new characters to them first? Disney Pixar did just that, with a live-streamed reveal of a new character this year, Baby Dory.


Product Demonstrations

Over 25,000 gamers regularly tune into XBOX UK’s regular lunchtime live stream, where they let fans watch as people play new and upcoming games. A live demonstration is a great way to get your audience engaged in new products, to get a feel of what they can expect from your products, and ultimately sell them.


Question and Answer

With combined viewership of over 8 million, Benefit Cosmetics collaborated with Glamour UK in a live Brow Clinic and Question and Answer session that not only gave customers the ability to ask questions in real-time but also gave both companies the chance to be exposed to each other’s customer base.

How many times in your life can you have unscripted access to an astronaut? NASA has also got on board with the live-streamed question and answer approach, collaborating with organizations such as the Smithsonian, to provide an opportunity for their talent to engage with the public.

We can’t all be NASA, but we can take a minute to let this inspiration sink in. Clearly, there are tons of live streaming opportunities for any and every business or organization imaginable. And, it’s fun!

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