How to Upload Videos to Facebook Using MavSocial

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Publishing a Video to Facebook Doesn’t Need to Be Difficult

MavSocial is the only social media management solution that allows you to upload videos to directly to the major social media networks (including Facebook and YouTube etc) for instream viewing. This means that you can use video content in your social media campaigns without having to log in to Facebook and upload content manually every time – very handy indeed if you publish a lot of Facebook videos.

And, since you can upload video content to your MavSocial library, you can prepare and schedule video posts long before you’re due to send them out. This is a big deal. Video content can, for the first time, be fully incorporated into your social media campaigns in an easy and efficient way. It is video marketing at your fingertips!

Why should Brands Use the Video Content in their Social Media Campaigns?

And it’s well worth doing so. Video content is capable of transmitting large volumes of information quickly and is a fantastic way of engaging consumers. The fact is consumers, love video.

Here’re some stats (according to HubSpot) to prove it:

  • Facebook has more than eight billion views & YouTube has more than seven billion views per day!
  • 78% of people watch at least one video online every week
  • 55% of people watch YouTube videos every single day
  • 92% of B2B customers watch online videos
  • 34% of shoppers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video – probably because 48 percent of consumers say they trust online video ads!

Video content is also easily searchable and accounts for over 70% of the top 100 search listings on Google. Hang on…that’s 70 of the top 100 search listings! More evidence that videos shared on social media sites can help boost your organic SEO ranking and can act as a point of entry to your site.

And video content has other SEO benefits too, with Bing, Google, and Yahoo all making a video as a key part of their search formulas – in short, the more videos you post, the higher you’ll rank.

Moreover, since the majority of consumers now have access to either a smartphone or tablet, videos are also mobile. In fact, the online video makes up 50% of total mobile traffic (up to 69% on specific networks).

Moreover, a 30-second mobile video Ad has a whopping 88.3% completion rate, meaning that creating a video may just be the most efficient way of getting your message across. Come on, let’s face it…we all love to check out those quick videos when commuting or on the move!

Video content also lends itself to being monitored and analyzed since Facebook, YouTube and the other main video hosting platforms provide in-depth viewer data that can give you a deep understanding of your audience – their likes, dislikes, ambitions, desires, and demographics.

And lastly, videos allow you to connect with your audience on an emotional level since they allow sounds, images, words, and stories to be sewn together and linked with your product in your users’ minds.

See, what did we say? People love video. And so should you.

We all know that uploading a video to Facebook gets greater engagement than just publishing a YouTube link. However, it takes time especially if you want to republish this video at a later date, or on another network or page (which you should given how much money it costs to produce it) since you need to go through the whole process again.

MavSocial has solved this problem, and so you can finally start making the most of the video content. In this article, we’re going to take you, step-by-step, through the process of how to upload a video to Facebook using MavSocial. No more Facebook video uploader for you!

How to Upload a Video to Facebook (with MavSocial)

Step 1: Get MavSocial (for Free!)

If you want to use MavSocial to upload videos to Facebook, then you’re going to need to signup for a MavSocial account…for FREE!

But don’t fret, registering takes next to no time, and, as well as our unique Facebook video publishing functionality, you’ll also benefit from our other great features – including access to over 70 million quality royalty-free images, complete visual content management, comprehensive social media management publishing tools, built-in photo editing, and much, much more.

To register click here.

Step 2: Integrate Your MavSocial and Facebook Accounts

The next step is to add your Facebook accounts to MavSocial. To do this, first find “account” on the left-hand side menu. This will open your account page, where you will be offered a few different options. Click “Social Networks” on the drop-down menu, as shown in the snapshot below. 

Facebook, video, video marketing, MavSocial, How tos, social media marketing, social media

And then “Add Account” in the “Facebook Accounts” panel.

Facebook, video, video marketing, MavSocial, How tos, social media marketing, social media

Now you just need to follow the instructions and you will be able to easily post your videos to Facebook via MavSocial.

Step 3: Upload a Facebook Video

The next thing you need to do is upload the video content you wish to share. To do this, just go to your “Digital Library” and simply select “Uploader” from the drop-down menu.

Facebook, video, video marketing, MavSocial, How tos, social media marketing, social media

Once the Uploader is opened up, you’ll have the option to “Add Files”.

adding video on Mavsocial, Facebook, video, video marketing, MavSocial, How tos, social media marketing, social media

Select this option and choose the video file you want to upload and post. (You can upload more than one file at once if you want – just add the other files before you click “Upload”). Then click “Upload”, and watch as your file(s) make their way to you MavSocial account.

Uploading video on Mavsocial, Facebook, video, video marketing, MavSocial, How tos, social media marketing, social media

All the video’s that you have uploaded are now stored in the MavSocial Digital Library (click Digital Library then videos) and select the video you just uploaded. Now you can add various metadata to the file including description, tags etc as well as any customized thumbnails and closed caption files you may want associated with this video.

Step 4: Publish a Facebook Video

Once your video has been uploaded, find and select “Post Manager” on the sidebar.

Then click the Facebook logo at the top of the page and choose the account you want to share your video content on.

Enter the message that you’d like to accompany your video in the text box. Finally, select your video from your library by clicking “Access Library” button.

Facebook, video, video marketing, MavSocial, How tos, social media marketing, social media, Facebook video


Then it’s simply a case of finding the video you want to upload from the library that will appear on the right-hand side of the page. Select it and click the green “Publish” button.

publishing content on Mavsocial, Facebook, video, video marketing, MavSocial, How tos, social media marketing, social media, Facebook video


And that’s it. Easy, eh?

And if you want to republish this video, all you have to do is repeat Step 4! You don’t have to just publish it to Facebook either, once it’s in the digital library MavSocial allows to you publish video natively to Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and LinkedIn, with Instagram support coming later this year.

MavSocial is the leading social media visual content management & publishing platform for brands and agencies. Try our FREE Small Business Edition here.

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