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tips for content promotion with quora

Here’s your Quora for content promotion starter kit: Tap into an engaged audience, generate leads, and discover a powerful new tool

Twitter? Check. Instagram? Check. Facebook? Check.

You’ve got a robust content marketing strategy in place. You create platform specific content and spend time building and engaging your audience. It’s all finally coming together!

But, you are always looking for new ways to get your content in front of the right people. What if there was a way you could tap into an existing audience that’s already interested in what you have to say?

Enter Quora, the Q&A platform that went from 1.5 million unique US visitors in January to over 6 million in July. It’s the place where users can ask burning questions on everything from entrepreneurship and business, all the way to politics and cat jokes. And, unlike Yahoo answers or Ask, top experts like Mike Holubowski and Jimmy Wales often answer questions on Quora!

Quora is all about sharing knowledge. You’ve got a wealth of experience and content at your fingertips. It’s the perfect match—an eager audience awaiting your know how.

Let’s take a look at how you can use Quora for content promotion and get your content in front of a whole new audience and generate leads for your website.

1. Set up and optimize your Quora profile

You can sign up using your email or log in through one of your existing social media accounts like Google+ or Facebook. Quora doesn’t support business profiles so you have to sign up as an individual.

setting up a Quora profile

Once you are set up, fill in your profile in detail.

Optimize your headline

The headline is 80 characters long and appears next to your name every time you answer a question. Use it to show off your unique qualifications and experience in your field.

Quora lets you use different headlines for each topic you follow (more on that below) so if you’ve got expertise in a few different areas, you can make your headline topic super specific.

Include a clear photo of your face

Trust is a huge part of what makes Quora so successful. It’s not another platform where businesses can spam users with unwanted advertising. It’s a repository of knowledge shared and consumed by experienced individuals.

A photo of your face sends a subconscious signal that you believe what you are saying and that helps you come across as an expert.

Include professional details and social proof in profile bio

A great profile establishes your credentials and builds trust with your audience. Share a little bit of relevant information about your background and link to your business blog, social media profiles and other relevant websites.

The links serve as social proof that you know your stuff and can back up what you are saying.

2. Discover and follow relevant topics using keywords

Now that you’ve set yourself up as an authority in your industry, use the keyword list you built for content creation to search for, and follow, relevant topics.

Quora search

Use the search box at the top or by editing your feeds directly on the left hand side of the screen. Follow topics that are relevant to your industry and complement the content you’ve already produced.

3. Study your competition

Quora users reward well written, thorough and thoughtful answers. Think of the platform a bit like a great FAQs section on a website. The best FAQs are well written and focus on providing the right information efficiently.

Check out the most popular answers on Quora. Those will give you a glimpse into what kind of answers Quora users love and reward. Use them as inspiration when you structure your own initial answers and give the people what they want!

4. Answer questions and build authority

You are ready to dive in and start promoting your content. The best way to do this on Quora is by answering questions that you are already addressing through your content.

Go through your content and make a list of the main points it covers. Use the keywords to search for questions related to those points.

upvoted answers on Quora

You can build a custom list of relevant questions by selecting “answer later.” To expose your answers to a larger audience, answer a few questions with a large following because every time a new answer is added, the users that follow the question get an alert.

Some tips to get your answer noticed and drive traffic to your post:

  • Treat answers like you would treat a short blog post. That means a conversational tone, subheadings, appropriate links and images.
  • All the rules of copywriting apply to Quora answers! Include a killer hook at the start, keep it informative, add an irresistible a call to action at the end and stay away from walls of text. Quora isn’t immune to skim readers!
  • Answer the question thoroughly but don’t give everything away. Link your relevant, detailed piece of content in your killer call to action. Keep in mind that Quora users can detect answers just for the sake of marketing a mile off and anything that comes across as selling will not perform well.
  • Post regularly! Answering relevant questions regularly will build up your credibility and increase your visibility. Every time a user upvotes your answer, it’s displayed in their feed and visible to all their followers.

5. Join the conversation that’s about you

You can use Quora to track and answer any questions directly related to your business. Just use the search box to type your name and the results will show you any questions specifically related to your business and any answers that mention you. Join in, answer questions and resolve queries.

search your business mentions on Quora

6. Study your analytics data

Once you’ve got a few answers under your belt, it’s time to assess how effective your strategy is and what you can do to improve it.

Quora’s analytics break down how many views, likes and shares each of your answer gets. Use those to identify your best performing answers and assess the overall engagement.

7. Create a Quora blog and syndicate your content

As well as answering questions, Quora lets you create a blog! Click on your name in the upper right hand corner and select Blogs then select create new blog. A blog on Quora lets users check out your content without having to leave the platform.

Use the blog to syndicate and repurpose content you’ve posted on your company blog. Because Quora is a Q&A platform, make sure you turn your headline into a question. At the bottom of each post include a link to where it was originally published just like would on Medium.

Remember: Quora users reward quality and hate overt marketing

Quora is dedicated to getting valuable content in front of interested readers. It’s got a robust global user base and its presence in the US is growing!

Use the techniques above to reach a new, engaged audience, increase your content exposure and generate new leads.

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