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Why You Need a Social Media Asset Management Tool

While our attention span continues to decrease, the importance of engaging content rises in the marketing world. Brand managers are aware that they should tell stories in their marketing strategies. Rise of Instagram and Pinterest taught us how important visual stories are today. Also, according to social media examiner, 32% of marketers claim that visual content is more important than blogs.

Eye-Catching Visual Content

Now that we know the importance of visual marketing, we are trying harder to tell stories around brands. It usually involves a bigger marketing team and loads of content all over the storage space. Files get lost or mislabeled, and when someone new comes into the creative process, it is hard to find previous work.

When working remotely or hiring freelancers for projects, good organization is key. There is no project manager that can handle all the mess caused by poor documentation and a lack of labeling assets. Marketers all over the world are duplicating work and don’t even realize that.

Two Social Media Managers using their Social Media Asset Management Systems for quick and easy file sharing

Just imagine how much money and time you would save if you could find that “untitled picture”. It was on someone’s email, with the subject “asdf” or “1234”.

Luckily, there are a lot of helpful tools that can save time. They are all called social media asset management tools, content management systems, or digital asset management systems (DAM).

Manage your social media assets inside your social media workflow.No credit card required

The Importance of Social Media Asset Management System

Social media asset management systems can help marketers to create and share their content and assets much faster. Assets include images, videos, interactive infographics, brochures, logos, etc. This is the place where they are all sorted, and labeled with tags. It helps you narrow down your search and save time. 

This kind of software is not created only for global companies. It can be helpful to different kinds of businesses. No matter how big or small they are. It is a fact that every business needs well-curated and consistent content that communicates well with the audience. 


How can social media asset management systems help digital agencies?

Digital agencies find it very important when they want to shorten production time and avoid duplicates. Good social media asset management systems can cut time in half. Even less experienced marketers will easily know how to find posts, logos, and fonts. 

When they see them all in one place, it gets easier to use them all and to upgrade them when needed. For example, if you are running multiple campaigns, you can just change a few things. Coordinate background colors and frames, or mention the name of the town where your audience lives. The whole campaign can look more local, and more personal. In a globalized society, personalization and localization in marketing go a long way. 

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What kind of business can use social media asset management besides digital agency?

Every business that is using internet marketing for its promotion can find this kind of system helpful. Large tech companies that have marketing and sales teams can use social media asset management to improve their ROI. Sales and marketing teams can combine efforts in order to gain more growth for the company with witty ideas from the marketing team. And it can all be done in a few clicks.

A group of marketers meet to discuss social media strategy

This management system is created with simple commands, and everyone can use it. Even if you are not a professional marketer, there are helpful tricks that can help you edit and combine images easily. Adding logos, or colors of your brand to the stock images, infographics or videos can help you create a recognizable brand


What are the benefits of using Mav Social as a Social Media Asset Management Tool?

Mav Social is well known for its social media asset management tool which uses the cloud to create a centralized digital library of images. It can help you with increasing ROI, maintaining consistency in your work, and in creating less duplicate content. Also, it can be quite a handful in preventing situations like publishing the wrong caption.  With this management tool, the whole team can have access to it and check everything on time.

Let me walk you through the most important ways you can use this tool to save money and time.

Create consistency and avoid duplicate content

You can use this feature to connect your Google drive with this tool and use images from there. That will be helpful if you have already had campaigns before. You will see every file that your team has created and you will be able to reuse it. Also, you will be able to imitate fonts and continue the story. You can notice some mistakes you were making in the past now that everything is one place. But the most important thing is that you and your team will never again duplicate content. Another great thing is that you will be able to share this library so that legal and sales teams can give you feedback before posting content. 

If you are just starting and you don’t have enough content, our stock images will help you a lot.

When you click on the digital library, you can use filter search, and find an adequate image for the upcoming holiday or promotion.

Organize and Arrange your social media image and video file for quick and easy access using MavSocial's bui;t-in social media asset management system, the Digital Library

For example, when you want to use a stock photo, you have to download it. After downloading it will appear in your digital library and then you can add some filters or text to create a branded image.

Pro tip: Nowadays images are not getting so much attention if they are purely decorative. That is why you have to pay attention to delivering real value. Use websites that are full of interesting stats like Statista to create information-carrying visuals. 

Save money with Mav Social asset management

When in need of beautiful images for their Social Media strategy, some companies decide to hire a professional photographer. Others tend to buy stock photos when they see a discount online. That is a brilliant way to have fresh and engaging content, and it is well invested money for sure. 

It is also not a rare case to misplace that paid content and forget to use all images. With the chance to have it in front of your eyes, you can stop excessive spendings, and save more money.

But you don’t have to spend extra on stock photos. MavSocial includes in all its plans access to hundreds of thousands of free stock images in it’s built-in Stock Image Library

Use MavSocial's RSS Feed to curate content directly from blog articles and publish directly to your social media channels

Pro tip: When you get those images, add them to the same tag, so that you can filter search them later. 


Wrap up

Today everybody can be marketer, but the thing that will make a huge difference is the tools that can save you time and money. Social Media asset management tools can help you by creating a digital library that you and your team can use anytime and anywhere. If you are still not sure how it can improve your workflow and organization, I strongly advise you to sign up for a 14-day free trial and explore your options.

Manage your social media assets inside your social media workflow.No credit card required
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