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Must-Know Social Media Updates of May 2018

Despite all of May’s festivities and vacation days, it seems that the social media platforms have been hard at work updating their features and keeping us on our toes.

Instagram has undoubtedly rolled in at number one for most updated social media network this month, but its competitors have also been busy.

Speaking of busy, we know how difficult it can be to keep on top of all the updates especially when time doesn’t warrant the research.

That’s why we’ve compiled the most recent updates in this handy round-up so you can be kept in the social media loop.

Instagram decide to capitalize on shopping potential

It hardly seems surprising that Instagram is now in the testing stages of releasing an e-commerce feature to their platform.

All those captivating photos and well-marketed image campaigns aren’t reaching their full potential without this feature.

For this reason, we think that’s why Instagram has launched their own payment option to the site.

You can shop at any merchant online without having to fill in those boring bank details.

Just the click of a button through your Instagram account and you can purchase instantly.

It’s still in the BETA testing phase but this one will be sure to add an interesting element for marketers so stay tuned!

Instagram Shoppable Posts

For business owners, they may also be interested to know that this is linked with a new messaging feature between customers and businesses.

Until this month, businesses could only receive pending messages from potential customers – unless they were following them.

This new messaging update will keep everybody happy because notifications will reach businesses properly so they can respond and take advantage of any conversions.

There’s also the newly added “action buttons” which will allow users to purchase tickets, make reservations or other service related requests on business sites.

Seems like Instagram is really pulling out all the stops to make a competitive edge for marketers and businesses alike.

Instagram hashtags will take on a new meaning

The infamous hashtag is set to see some evolution due to Instagram’s aforementioned e-commerce feature.

For instance, the #shopping tag will undergo some changes because the new features will allow users to make transactions without taking them to an external website.

Aside from this Instagram have also decided to update the way in which users view their explore panel.

This includes an organization of lists and interests in the user’s homepage meaning marketers may have to pay close attention as to how to play the #hashtag card to reach their audience.

Instagram added features

So if you weren’t already inundated with the Instagram flurry of updates, there are some more additions to get marketers and users tongues wagging.

The platform is set to include the following:


  • Slow motion capture for stories
  • Muting profiles (like unfollowing but without the person knowing – phew!)
  • Emoji reactions
  • Facebook friend tags
  • Calendar to see previous posts

New Instagram Features May 2018

All of these sound great but we can’t help noticing, as other articles have noted, the similarity to their affiliate Facebook.

Will this harm Instagram in the long run? Many of its audience use the two but that’s because of their distinguishing forms.

SnapChat conforms to compulsory 6-second advertisements

SnapChat isn’t looking so snappy because users will now have to endure 6 seconds of compulsory ad viewing if they wish to see professionally created content such as shows.

Users may find this unsettling due to SnapChats previous stance against targeted advertising but it seems SnapChat has been left with little choice due to its “poor view rates” to get advertisers on board.

Facebook has made Ads Reporting more user friendly

After last month’s scandals surrounding Facebook and data, it seems that little new progress has been made by the team.

Perhaps it’s something to do with all the new Instagram updates too?

However, there has been an upgrade to its advert reporting features on the site.

You’ll now be able to view your campaign page while editing at the same time – a small change that can make a big difference for those who work a lot on this program.

You’ll also be able to do things like drag and drop in the Ads Reporting section and get more creative with how you present data.

All of this is great for those who work in marketing because it’s a lot more user friendly.

Twitter’s getting you organized

What does Twitter’s little birdy got to say this month?

Well, it seems the new tweet is that Twitter is avidly trying to help all its marketers with a brand new monthly calendar.

This nifty addition allows viewers to see important dates in any month and their tweet volume – great for any marketer that needs to be in the know!

LinkedIn’s matchmaking features

May has bought a LinkedIn style matchmaking feature.

Users will be able to see how their profiles match immediately against a job profile criteria.

It’s a handy addition for those that keep their profile updated – but for those who don’t then now is the time to start!

They also announced as part of this, that there will be a “1-Click-Apply” button.

LinkedIn 1-Click-Apply

It means at the click of a button, your basic information and CV can be sent to the employer without you needing to put in any more effort.

Sounds superb for people on the go, especially those that use the app.

Did we miss any important updates? Let us know on our Facebook Page!

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