The Social Break-Up: Why People Will Unlike Your Facebook Page

The Social Break-Up: Why People Will Unlike Your Facebook Page

As a business owner with a Facebook #Facebook page you probably have a keen eye for figures. You check to see if your follower numbers are increasing and you are excited when a post you have written receives a lot of likes. Happy days! It means your marketing efforts are working. Learn some tips to avoid getting an unlike on your facebook page.

reasons why people bailed on Brands on Facebook However, social media #socialmedia is a fickle medium and you can lose a crowd just as quickly as you gain one. Many Facebook users hardly ever re-visit a Facebook business page they once liked, others lose interest, and some were only interested in a one-time special offer.

Cotweet and Exact Target joined forces to find out the top reasons why people bailed out on brands on Facebook. They are:

  • 44% of respondents said the principle reason why they unliked a page was that companies posted too frequently.
  • 43% said it was because their Facebook account was becoming too crowded with marketing messages.
  • 38% complained that the content became repetitive or boring over time.
  • 26% only liked the company to take advantage of a special offer.
  • 24% said the content was too promotional.

Let’s explore some of these common reasons in a little more detail:

Posting Too Much
spam posting too much on Facebook Social media software MavSocialYour followers want to hear from you, but not all the time. People tend to hop on Facebook for a few moments before or after work and during their lunch breaks.

They will feel like they are being spammed if all they can see are your posts. There is no set rule for the amount of posts you should put up, but typically one a day is going to be sufficient.

You are Boring
if you are boring, followers leave your Facebook pagePeople go on Facebook to be amused, entertained, stimulated and informed. If you are not ticking these boxes then that sound you are hearing is your followers leaving your page and clicking on those of your competitors. You lose if they snooze. People will desert you if you’re not doing enough to engage them.

People were only in it for the Offer
offer freebie attractive discounts social media software MavSocialThis will probably come as no surprise. Some people are only interested in you because of a freebie you offered. This is as true in the online world as it is in the offline one.

Don’t be too upset as these people will only make up a small percentage of your audience and it’s probably not worth your time trying to win them over. Instead, concentrate your efforts on providing appealing and absorbing content to the rest.

Constant Self-Promotion
helpful tips social media softwareThere is no point having a social media account if all you’re doing is saying how wonderful you are and pumping out special offers and promotions.

Even if you have won dozens of awards for making the best widgets this side of Jupiter, nobody wants to be sold to day in and day out.

That’s what advertising campaigns are for. You can still market to your audience but in a way that provides them with free and valuable information.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask
Keeping the spark alive in the relationship with your followers is a constant battle. If you are ever in any doubt about what your audience wants from you, just ask them.

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