What is the Best Time to Schedule Your Facebook Posts?

What is the Best Time to Schedule Your Facebook Posts?

You need to get on top of your social media #socialmedia marketing posting strategies right from the start. The temptation for newbies is to pin, tweet and post throughout the day, a scattergun approach that rarely hits a target. To maximize your efforts we will go over some of the best times to schedule your facebook posts.

Success comes from putting fresh and engaging content #content in front of the biggest possible audience to achieve the maximum number of clicks through to your website. A brief search engine interrogation will throw up numerous studies that claim to know the best times to post on Facebook.

Best Time to Schedule Your Facebook Posts are Thursdays and FridaysA Buddy Media report revealed there is 18% higher engagement with posts on Thursdays and Fridays. Work by IDC Research suggests that early morning is the best time to post as 80% of smartphone users check their posts before brushing their teeth.

A report by link-shortening service Bit.ly highlighted a number of peaks when click through rates were at their highest. They were:
•           Between 1 pm and 4 pm ET (10 am and 1 pm PT) – highest average click- through rates.
•           At 11 am ET (8 am PT) traffic starts to pick up.
•           Wednesday at 3 pm ET (noon PT) – the most optimal time of the week to post.

Audience Insights
business owner looking at audience insights studies and surveysHowever, the problem for the business #business owner is that it’s easy to get blinded by studies and surveys. If you read a whole bunch of them, you’ll soon discover that some of the optimal times are conflicting.

Obviously, the best time to post is when the majority of your followers are going to be there and that is going to be different for different businesses. Finding the optimal time to post is contingent on having a good understanding of your audience.

First of all, you need to determine who they are. You can find this out by accessing your Page Insights. This will give you the countries, cities and language of your followers as well as their age range and gender breakdown. Are they teenagers, retirees or in their 30s, 40 and 50s?

have good understanding of your audience, followers, customers, determine who they are and how they spend their daysThe next step is to think about how they spend their days. If they are students, posting at 7:30 am is probably not a good idea. Neither is posting during the working day if your audience is made up of professionals. Although, lunchtime can be a good time to post as many people dive into their smartphones #smartphones.

Maximize Posting Potential
No matter what industry you are in there are times that see more activity than others. These may clash with your own busy periods, or if your followers are in different time zones coincide with when you are tucked up in bed asleep. In these situations you need to get a little automation in your life.

MavSocial is an innovative content management system and scheduling platform that helps you manage your social media marketingMavSocial is an innovative content management system and scheduling platform that helps you manage your social media marketing by scheduling your content #content ahead of time. You write your posts as you would normally, and attach pictures, links, videos and tags. Then you select the time, day, month and year you want the posts to go out and also the geographic region. You can also specify the language of your scheduled posts.

Social media automation tools save you time and improve your marketing efforts by ensuring your posts are seen by the people you want to see them. Remember though that determining the optimum time to post and the using the right automation tools will not of themselves increase engagement. Superlative content will do that.

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