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10 Evergreen Content Ideas to Maximize Your Reach

Reusing content is a favorite topic here at MavSocial – for good reason. Repeating content and social media posts can be a very effective strategy to increase overall reach, engagement, and traffic. And given the time it takes to develop great content, you should always aim to leverage it and maximize its reach. This means reusing, recycling, and repeating content wherever possible. The key though to this strategy is focusing on the right kind of content, evergreen content.


What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content consists of high-quality posts and articles that aren’t likely to date.

It is content that will stand the test of time while remaining relevant and valuable to your target audience indefinitely.

For example, ‘10 Tips for Creating A Killer Social Media Post’ would typically be evergreen content. ‘This Year’s Top Social Media Trends’, would date reasonably quickly and wouldn’t be suitable as evergreen content.

It’s a good idea when identifying evergreen content to avoid posts or articles that include the latest news, statistics, trends or data.


Benefits of using evergreen content

Evergreen content can save you loads of time, because it gives you a bank of great posts and articles you can schedule, and then repeat on social media.

And repeating evergreen content can bring you lots of long-term marketing love.

What you will probably notice after posting content the first time, is that you may enjoy an initial spike in views, engagement, and traffic for a few days or even weeks, but it doesn’t necessarily end there with evergreen content.

Unlike many traditional types of media, evergreen content can generate engagement, traffic and leads for days, weeks, months, and even years to come – especially if it’s used on more than one occasion.

This is particularly the case when you share evergreen articles or posts from your website thanks to the SEO benefits of traffic that compounds over time.


Evergreen content worth repeating

Here are our top 10 ideas of the type of posts or articles that are typically evergreen and suitable for repeating.

1. Reuse popular posts

Go through your past posts and check engagement metrics, focusing on evergreen content.

This will help you identify previous high performing posts that may be worth repeating – in MavSocial accessing analytics and developing targeted reports is a cinch.

2. How-to posts

How-to tutorials, whether they are videos, articles or infographics, are not just on the most popular types of posts, they are also ripe for evergreen content. Focus on articles that are incredibly useful to your target audience.

In the below post, Neil Patel shares a timeless how-to post, perfect for repeating.

evergreen content used on NeilPatel_Tweet_Screenshot

3. Start a conversation

Posts that feature open-ended questions or conversation starters can make great evergreen content, and boost engagement.

Think questions like: ‘Who would you invite to the ultimate dinner party?;  ‘What would you like to tell your 12-year-old self?’; Or fill in the blank, ‘I can’t live without____’.

4. Quotes With Images

Inspirational or motivational quotes are often timeless, and a great way of creating content for service-based brands that don’t let themselves easily to photographic images.

Here’s a great example from Entrepreneur and Speaker Marie Forleo.


5. Share evergreen content from other websites

You don’t have to just share your own content. If you find a great article on another site that your target audience would find useful – share it.

6. Regular promotions

If you have regular promotions or sales then, by all means, it should be put on repeat.

Even recurring shout-out or theme days can be used as evergreen content.

You can have a regular call out to readers to post or give a shout-out to someone, such as #MotivationMonday, #TipsTuesday, #FunFriday.

7. Humorous or Quirky Content

Content that is humorous or quirky enough to catch the reader’s eye can often be re-used.

Here is an example from Daily Dose, which makes great use of evergreen content.
DailyDose_Instagram_Screenshot, evergreen content example

8. Ask Followers For Reviews or Testimonials

When not overused, a recurring post calling out to followers to give you a review or testimonial can be very effective evergreen content.

You can even use it as an opportunity to highlight a previous review or testimonial, and give a shout-out to the reviewer.

9. FAQs

Any good marketer should have a bank of useful FAQs based on common customer questions and concerns.

A series of evergreen posts can be created featuring your FAQs, and then easily be put on repeat.

10. Encyclopedic content

Focusing on an ‘everything you need to know about…’ approach can help you develop interesting and useful evergreen posts.

Glossaries of a niche or topic, roundups of tips, or the history of a product or industry can all be used for recurring content.


Reposting your evergreen content

Check your analytics to choose a good day and time to schedule repeating posts.

Our post here has some great tips on suggested frequency and scheduling for repeating your posts and evergreen content.

You can even automate this schedule with tools such as MavRepeater.

Using MavRepeater, you can create as many campaigns as you like, fill it with your posts, and simply set it on repeat.

MavRepeater will post to the specified social media platforms, at the times and days you nominate, and then repeat the cycle until you choose to edit or stop the campaign.


Don’t neglect your evergreen content

As a final tip, you shouldn’t assume your evergreen content will stay ‘evergreen’ forever.

It’s important to revisit your content and campaigns on a regular basis and assess whether it requires any updates.

Sometimes minor tweaks to content may be required, or for reasons you couldn’t have foreseen, the content is no longer relevant or appropriate.

Additionally, your engagement analytics may indicate a need to adjust your scheduling.

Now that you know all about evergreen content and how to leverage them, it’s time to get maximizing!

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