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Marketers Didn’t Know How to Keep Content Alive Until They Discovered this Innovative Tool

You have spent hours writing a great blog post, found an engaging featured image and then posted it to your social networks. Bingo! It should go viral, shouldn’t it? Maybe not as viral as a Kim Kardashian naked selfie, but you do expect a large, appreciative and engaged audience.

But hang on a minute, where are all your readers? Where are all the likes, the retweets, and the thought-provoking comments? What is going on?

Well, the harsh reality of publishing content on social media and the internet today is that most blogs, posts, and updates are downright failures. Stellar writing and multiple accounts are just not enough to get seen.


Why are my posts not getting seen?

These days, it is very difficult to get eyeballs given that Facebook has News Feed, Twitter has recently announced a new timeline feature and no doubt other networks will soon introduce their own algorithms.

But even if your content does get through, it is unlikely that your fans and followers will ever see it, because there is so much competition. Cutting through the digital noise is just getting tougher and tougher.

Social software platform Spredfast analyzed over 100 brands on Twitter and Instagram, tracking engagement at 5-minute intervals over a 24-hour period. Their research found that the average half-life of a tweet is just 30 minutes and on Instagram, it is 57 minutes! And depending on which industry you’re in it could be as low as 22 and 52 minutes respectively!

Social Media Half-Life Infographic

Source: Khoros

What can I do to get my posts seen?

Look, your end game is for your great content to generate leads and sales. But if no one is talking about your posts or updates, then there is no social buzz about you.

So what is the solution? If you have a big enough budget, you can quite easily punch through the wall of noise and get your messages out there. But what can you do if you are a smaller brand without the deep pockets of the big boys and girls?

The solution is to publish your content more often.   Sounds easy right! Err –no, not by a long shot.

If the half-life of a tweet is 30 minutes then you have to publish your content 48 times a day to your Twitter feed to keep your audience engaged. And you have to do this EACH and EVERY day!

If it takes you a minute to compose a tweet, upload an image and schedule it, you are spending 24 HOURS a month scheduling content and that’s just to one Twitter account! What if you are active across multiple social media networks?

Do you seriously have the time to continuously send out content? Of course, you haven’t. Your hands are full managing the day-to-day operation of your business. And neither can you afford to let an employee be an online mailperson, manually sending out all your fantastic content.

It’s no small wonder that marketers complain that social marketing has become a colossal burden.

There has to be a better way.

Fortunately, there is.


Recycling your posts to get your content seen

MavSocial now allows you to publish a group of posts (we call it a MavRepeater campaign) continuously at the time(s) you decide. What is more, you can create multiple campaigns for all the different types of content and updates that you have.

Once you have set up the scheduled posts in MavSocial you are free to spend time on more important things, like interacting directly with your audience and making money.

Recycling posts via MavSocial will literally save you hours and hours per week – 6 hours to be exact!

Watch this video to see how easy MavRepeater is to use.

To the inexperienced, automating social media scheduling sounds so impersonal and detached. It may invoke images of marketing messages sent out in robotic fashion to a bunch of targets, the very opposite of what social media is about, which is making connections and developing relationships.

But these assumptions are wrong as nothing could be further from the truth. Automating scheduling is about as personal as it gets because it is the most effective method of getting your content to where it needs to be seen – your target audience.

The reasons for using marketing automation are compelling. Here are some of the standout stats:

  • Businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads, according to research by the Annuitas Group.
  • Marketing automation users have seen an average increase of sales revenues by 34%. (Research by Pardot).
  • Companies using marketing automation generate twice as many leads as those using just email software. (Source: Statista).

Working Smarter

If your social media marketing is not automated, you are going to find it incredibly difficult to beat the odds that are stacked against you.

Recycling posts via MavSocial’s MavRepeater is a game-changer that allows you to upscale your ability to get your messages out there without having to invest in the manpower to do it. It sends the right content to the right people at the right moment.

Social media marketing automation is crucial for maintaining a consistent presence across all your social networks. It allows you to stay in the conversation with your audience and makes your time on social more productive and profitable.

Automation is simply a way of allowing you to work much more efficiently.

Don’t Leave Marketing to Chance

There is absolutely no point in leaving social media marketing to chance by just publishing content willy-nilly and hoping it will be seen. You can’t build an effective marketing strategy or indeed a business on hope.

If you want truly engaged prospects, more leads, a higher conversion rate and an increase in sales, why wouldn’t you use social media marketing automation?

MavSocial is the ONLY social media management software suite that allows you to publish your content repeatedly to Instagram!

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