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5 Great Ideas to Increase Your Social Media Conversion Rate

When you’ve created a Facebook page but it doesn’t seem to be getting the results you are wanting you may start to wonder what to do next? The social media conversion rate of your page just isn’t worth the effort. It may be time to bring in some experts.

When you spend some time looking into how to increase conversion rate with your social media platforms, a few key ideas may keep coming up. Here are some breakdowns on 5 ideas that can help you optimize and execute a social media strategy you can be proud of. 

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5 Great Ideas to Increase your Social Media Conversion Rate

1. Check Your Landing Site

Your landing site is the first thing people see when they click through social media and visit you directly so if you’re not making a good first impression you’re going to lose them. These visitors already cared enough to click so be sure that your landing page is one that they can navigate easily and effectively. 

This means that if your site isn’t mobile-friendly you’ve got to fix that ASAP. With social media being a mobile experience and 77% of cellphone users owning smartphones if your site isn’t mobile-friendly you are absolutely missing out on people taking the next step of engagement with your business, not due to their disinterest but because they won’t try again if it doesn’t work. 

Users love to keep scrolling and swiping so be sure that your site has the capability to do so. Videos and great graphics are also helpful in keeping the interest of potential customers. When you make sure that someone from their phone can engage with your site in their preferred manner you will see your social media conversion rate increase. 


2. Use User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content (UGC) is one of the best ways to get more clicks and follow through and it’s absolutely free! Who doesn’t love word of mouth advertising? No one. Users will trust that if your company is worthy of fan posts that they should check you out too. 

The enthusiasm that drives someone to make a video post about how much they love your product is contagious. Videos and posts that are not sponsored by you serve as reviews of your product in really easy to find ways. This type of post will inspire customers to follow up, maybe they’ll visit your site to read more reviews or maybe they’re sold already. Either way, you win. 

Search engines prioritize new content so the more content your company can put forth the better. When a fan creates their own post at the same time as you, you get two hits for the work of one. Your fans will literally be making your job easier just by posting on social media!

So go ahead and suggest some hashtags. Don’t be afraid to be trending, that’s great for you. Customers love to hop on the bandwagon so as long as you are prepared to keep up with an onslaught of posts go ahead and share the heck out of a post. 

You can absolutely run social media giveaways which count shares and likes as entries, a giveaway is a great way to drum up interest and get more user-generated content created. Anything you can do to encourage customer participation is going to help your social media conversion rate skyrocket so feel free to explore ideas and try!

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3. Feature Specific Items

While you probably have a lot of goals relating to social media, your number one goal is that people will find you and your company and become customers! So make sure you are helping people find your products and what you have to offer on their social media sites.

You can feature one item, being sure that your post links directly to that item on your site. (Don’t make them go looking for the item off of your home page, most people won’t take the time to do so and will lose interest so make it super easy for them!) Once they get to your site feel free to entice them with statements like “Add Me to Cart!” or “I Have to Have This.” Call them to action!

The more you figure out the correct keywords that are working for your brand you can continually post with those (recognizing of course they will consistently be changing) and your posts will generate the clicks you’re hoping for! It may take some time and effort but the results will be worth it.


4. Change It Up

Increase your Social media conversion rate

It’s important to know the difference between all the types of social media you’re going after. What works on Twitter isn’t going to be the same as what works on another platform. Creating one post that is shared across all the platforms sounds like an easy plan but it can backfire since a user who follows on multiple sites could be overwhelmed with too many posts.

Engaging specifically with the crowd on Instagram and then separately on Facebook is going to appeal to the users who are there and perhaps not on the other. There can, of course, be cohesion between the platforms but a few small tweaks can make them more effective in the long run which will let you see the impact of your posts more readily. 

Remember that you are one click away from someone new following you or becoming your customer. Unique posts that speak to the crowd are going to work in your favor, and individually curated posts are going to engage social media users in the ways they prefer.  Meet people where they are and give them what they want. 

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5. Use All the Platforms

While Facebook is the most popular social media site and app not everyone is a user and so you don’t want to miss out on the Instagram or Twitter crowd. You may think your Facebook page is good enough but why do you want to settle for good enough? Besides, you can’t be certain how all of your users are engaging with each platform. 

Sure you may have a lot of likes on Facebook but if they only go on Facebook once a week but use Instagram every day you are absolutely missing out on a chance to reach someone who is already a fan of yours. 

Don’t allow your social media to be complacent just because you aren’t currently satisfied with your conversion rate. In fact, if you aren’t seeing the numbers you’d like to see that means you probably should mix it up with what you’re currently doing, your fans are out there, you just need to reach them!



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It can be hard to navigate social media and make sure that you’re doing the right things for your business. Luckily by following some of these ideas you will get a better sense of how to utilize social media to work for you. Like, love or retweet your way into the hearts of your followers and they will stay engaged for a long time. 

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