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6 Advantages of Social Media Marketing That Can’t Be Ignored

Running a business is always demanding and requires a lot of effort and time from individuals in managing positions. However, it seems that it got even harder this year. With the unstable economy and uncertainty that came with a pandemic, many business owners had to change their approach and rethink their future moves.

According to a research study conducted by GlobalWebIndex, 95% of consumers say they’re spending more time on in-home media consumption. That was mostly streaming services, Smart TV and social media platforms. 

The fact that people are spending even more time online, gives you the opportunity to meet them there. It is up to you to choose the best ways possible to present online your product or service. But don’t worry, we are here to help you.

Outlining the Social Media Marketing advantages

What Are The Advantages of Social Media Marketing?

The main difference between digital and traditional marketing is the fact that digital marketing is giving you real-time results.  We have carefully gathered all the advantages of social media marketing that can’t be ignored at this point. These tools and ideas can help you save time and money, and gather important information that you can later use for traditional marketing channels as well. Here’s what you should look for in social media management software.

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1. With Social Media You Are Engaging Younger Customers 

The idea that social media channels are interesting only for young people can be questioned since it is available to everyone no matter their age. However, according to the latest statistics on website Statista, most Instagram users are between the ages of 18 and 34. This fact is accompanied by the fact that gen Z is reshaping the marketing by refusing to consume traditional ways of marketing. 

By presenting your brand on the social media marketing platform, you are becoming visible to a younger crowd and your customer experience is getting better because everyone can reach you anytime. With a good strategy, you can influence them to speak about your brand to their parents, and promote your brand even if it is not just for them. Also, if your brand is new, you can use that as an advantage and grow older and wiser with your audience.


2. Digital Marketing Allows You Reporting in Real-Time 

Digital marketing efforts are much easier to track and report during marketing campaigns, and that is another benefit of social media marketing. With adequate tools, you can track the success rate of your campaigns. It can be done at the beginning of the campaign, and if some parameters are showing that the campaign is not well adjusted, you can stop them and save money.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing include Real-Time Reporting

This means that with good tools that are doing reporting you can elevate the value, show progress, and remove the flaws from regular posts and from paid ads. The fact that your campaigns can have different target audiences, can help you find the audience that is responding the best to particular kinds of commercials. All information collected in previous campaigns might help you in creating future campaigns, and this constant process of learning is much faster than it is in traditional marketing.


3. Publishing Content When You Are Not In The Office

Social media presence means being present in front of your audience during weekends and holidays. The Instagram algorithm proves this point, by showing more content from users who are constantly active on this social media platform. This algorithm is created in order to improve your stats if you are publishing high-quality content. And we all must admit that it is not easy to maintain a certain level of quality content every day. With tools that can schedule content, social media campaigns can be perfectly done even if you are on vacation.

It requires planning and great execution during workdays, but the end result keeps you relaxed and gives you a time out from social media channels when needed. There are tons of inspirational tips on Pinterest that can help you with creating strategies for your audience. Or, you can come up with your own plan.

Remember that people are creatures of habit, and curate your content depending on what day it is. For example, give them motivational messages on Monday, and celebrate the weekend with memes and relaxing content if the brand image allows you to do that. Don’t forget to put in your social media calendar birthdays of people important for developing your brand, and celebrate dates that are national holidays with adequate copy.

30 Day Social Media Branding Calendar

source: www.yourchicgeek.com

4. Social Media Marketing Can Help You Curate and Manage Content

Presence on social media platforms can help your brand create content around your product and service that can help you with organic reach on your website. Trends move faster on social media platforms. And if you are looking for fresh content for your blog or email, social media platforms can inspire you. 

In case you need content for your social media platform you can use a social media asset management tool that can help you create quality content. On this platform, you can use assets from your drive, your computer, or free assets from the stock image market. 

With the help of filters and letters, you can create scroll-stopping images for your social media profile.


5. Respond in real-time to conversations on Social Media

On social media, most parts of the real-time conversations are out in the open. Knowing what the audience wants is always helpful for planning your next move. It can help you plan your sales activities and strategies and boost your sales with just one sales call. Also, if you read how experienced competitors are dealing with some mistakes they made, you can learn from their mistakes. 

In order to follow the latest trends and competitors, many businesses are using social listening tools. Those tools can help them learn about the needs of their customers, and analyze social media content. It can help them create better copy for their commercials, or develop products that are problem solvers. For example, with the Mavsocial social listening feature, you can track, listen, and join the conversation from your dashboard and plan your next move.

MavSocial Social Listening

Source: www.mavsocial.com

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6. Advantage of Hiring Remote Teams and Professionals

With the development of social media software business owners got the chance to manage social media teams online. These tools have databases that are accessible to team members, and they can approach them wherever they are in the world.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing professional content creators help create viral content

This kind of software allows different professionals to collaborate on various projects, and to keep track of assigned or finished tasks. The global market allows experts from all parts of the world to participate in your projects. For startups and small businesses, this feature is very important because it can save them money that they would spend on the office.



Social media marketing is a necessity today, not a luxury. With careful planning and people who are experienced in this field, businesses can thrive with minimal expenses. Some of the basic advantages of social media marketing are the ability to track efforts, hire experts from all parts of the world, create commercial content much faster, and speak to younger audiences. This last part might be crucial for the future of your business because people tend to stay connected with the brands that meant something to them when they were younger. 


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