Reasons A Social Media Dashboard is Essential MavSocial social media software for business

5 Reasons A Social Media Dashboard is Essential

With the variety of social media platforms out there, tech-savvy business owners are finding new and innovative ways to maintain public relations through technology.

social media networks Facebook Twitter Tumblr Instagram Pinterest YouTubeHowever, all of these websites (Facebook. Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc) also have different functions, cater to different demographics, and require a different amount of attention and consistency.

The best way to manage all of this is to use a social media dashboard, and here are some more detailed reasons as to why:

Social media dashboard MavSocial Everything in one place1) Everything in one place
It is easier to conceptualize what content you are putting out there and how you are representing your brand through various social media when you can actually see the content all in one place.

With a social media dashboard you don’t have to have five different tabs open- instead, you can create content for all of your websites in one place. This allows you to create a chain of coherency and consistency as well!

2) Saving Time
schedule posts for all social media platforms via MavSocial dashboard and save timeThere never seem to be enough hours in a day. That’s where a social media dashboard comes in.

Save yourself time by creating content posts for your websites for future publication so that you do not need to keep all of your tabs open and publish a post every hour, on the hour.

Instead, you can spend two hours a day scheduling posts for all of your platforms and schedule them so that they go out whenever you want them to!

3) Strategic Scheduling
Now, while social media dashboards allow you to create content and schedule it for the future, how can you really take advantage of that?

Strategic scheduling Create festive themes Happy Valentine's Day MavSocialYou can create campaigns on your social media dashboard – create a short calendar of content posts and status updates to promote your brand!

Use the same hashtag across your platforms to really make it yours. Create festive themes in anticipation of the holiday season!

There are many ways that a social media dashboard can help you plan out your public relations and campaigning strategies.

Maventus MavSocial dashboard personalization social media software photo editor QR code shorten url image library analytics 4) Personalization
Especially with MavSocial, dashboards can allow you a good degree of personalization.

We offer a photo editor and enhancer right on our dashboard so you can add cool filters and clip art to your images as you post them.

Select high quality photos from our huge stock image library to make your content more visual. Add a common hashtag or QR code across all of your posts for all of your social media platforms.

If you include a link in your post, shorten the URL and track how many clicks it receives!

The possibilities are endless, and when everything is consolidated in one place, it is much easier to conceptualize the creative possibilities.

Social media software MavSocial dashboard Analytics trend reports insights social media intellegence 5) Analytics
Social media dashboards will also tell you which posts have been most successful and can provide you trend reports.

All of your analytics are displayed on the MavSocial dashboard and provide you with fast and accurate social media intelligence based on real world interactions.

These valuable insights do not require you to go in depth and survey your posts from all of your media platforms from the past month- get this information at your fingertips to help you with future campaigns and strategies!

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