How Social Media Affects Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How Social Media Affects Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How Social Media Affects SEO
Social media, integrated with search engine optimization is the best way to get traffic and exposure for your website. In combination, these two models can actually deliver unsurpassed results in a short span of time.

The trend of SEO started a decade ago as websites continued to experiment with their strategies to boost traffic and sales. On the other hand, social media networking is all about creating a rapport and relationship with clients and customers, including existing and potential. Content creation is the base to attain success for any website.

SEO SMO yin yangBut it is equally important to have branding and promotion strategy integrated with social media #socialmedia. A good Search engine optimization and Social Media Marketing strategy can ensure better outreach, branding and improved revenue. Combining your existing SEO strategy with social media signals can help you achieve much more than you’d expected.

How Facebook Affects SEO
Apparently, Google runs a verification process to determine the popularity and importance of your business among your target audience. Is your business able to reach its target audience? How many followers or fans you have through social media sites like Facebook?

Do they actively participate in your activities? All these things play a vital role in determining the rank of your website and business on popular search engines, especially Google.

Facebook business page LikeAs soon as you share a content or link on your Facebook business page, the “Like” button becomes a vital decisive factor for search engine crawlers. When you share content through the Facebook and start getting likes and shares, the search engine gets to know that the content is being preferred and valued by your audiences.

It is similar to putting verified stamp on your link and acting as its champion. So basically, it’s like telling Google that the respective content should get more attention, encouraging increased amount of traffic on your site.

How Twitter Affects SEO
Tweeting content is a fast and quick way to improve a website’s rank on popular search engines. It helps in getting indexed faster, cutting down the average time by 50%. Twitter does impacts a lot of relationship building, which often results in long terms partnerships, links, business development and referrals.

Twitter Affects SEO boosts web trafficAs a result, the website owner gets to see a lot of traffic flowing to the site, at a greater speed. As for Twitter and Facebook, the Google combines the ability of a webmaster to influence social networks as a whole. Search engine crawlers actually apply a three-dimensional measurement system for both Facebook and Twitter, which implies:

  • Number of combined followers and fans your business account has.
  • Number of likes and shares you have on your social pages and website content
  • How authoritative audience you have to share and like your content.
  • Whether the pace of growth to like, share and follow is accelerating or decelerating

google+ affects seoHow Google Plus Affects SEO
Needless to say, Google+ is not going anywhere now! People have finally started to accept it and so does the search engine crawlers. You want your website to rank high, better start indulging some time on Google+ as well.

Google+ activity and +1′s, have shown incredible results correlated to improved rankings on Google. How does it affect the SEO ranking? Let’s find out:

  • How many adds and/or shares you have on Google+? Location of your business is a major factor making the adds or shares on Google+ look relevant and authoritative. In short, based on your business location, Google look at the total number of shares and likes you get on particular content. Additionally, the authority of the people sharing the content and the speed of sharing is taken into consideration. If all these factors work in your favor you may expect to reap good results for your website.

google+ +1

  • How many +1′s do you have on your Website itself? +1 is the basic and most important need of a successful website. It is absolutely necessary to earn +1’s for your website. They help you achieve good rank on search engine. The volume of +1′s, the speed at which you earn them and the authority of people clicking on +1, play a very significant part.

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing are interdependent, and it is very important to make use of both of them in the best possible manner. There are many other tools and techniques that you can integrate in your strategies to achieve maximum benefits.

Overall, it can be said that the health and activity of you social sites do help you rank at the top on search engines. It is still an evolving model and the best time to grab maximum market interest for small and medium businesses and/or website owners.

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