How to Start a Brand Page on Facebook: Tips to Start

How to Start a Brand Page on Facebook: Tips to Start

There are a lot of things we could say about Facebook, but you probably know just about all there is to know about this major social network. You know that Facebook #Facebook is the king of social media, you know that it’s the most popular social network in the world, and you know that it’s actively used all over the world.

So if you want to be connected, you should make sure to be registered and active on Facebook. And this is also true in regards to marketing connection. If you need to promote your brand #brand, Facebook must be the number one social media resource in your SMM list.

 official Facebook brand pageThe first thing you should do after creating the website for your brand is to create your official page on Facebook. Without it you can’t rely on successful online marketing. It’s simple to create a page. You just need to go to Facebook, click a few buttons, and write the basic info about your page—the name, description of the product, address, and so on.

Voilà! Your Facebook brand page is now ready to be exploited for your marketing purposes. But it’s just the first step, just the laying of the foundation, and then you need to build the whole house, to raise your social media #socialmedia marketing campaign to promote your facebook brand page. How do you go about this properly? We have a few tips to direct your SMM activity from the very beginning.

brand promotion on social media FacebookActivity is the first rule for promotion #promotion of your facebook brand page. Once you have created a page you must take care of it and do everything possible for the page to thrive. These activities include posting content regularly and keeping in mind that content should be interesting for people.

“Interesting” generally means posts that will just be entertaining, without any hint to advertising. Check the likes and reshares for your posts to see which type of info is more interesting, and from there plan out your content #content accordingly.

The other indicator for interest is commenting, so you should always look through all the comments. And even more importantly, never leave the comments without an answer—show people there are live human beings behind the brand.

Facebook brand page social media integration Facebook Twitter Youtube Integration
The page should be visible. It doesn’t make sense to create a page that just sits there empty, so that no one knows about it. So, make sure you have a link to your Facebook brand page in an easily visible place. It’s even better to put an interactive Facebook widget on your page—you can take the code for it exactly from the Facebook developer’s place:

Also, it would be a nice trick to turn attention to your widget by means of your website design. For example, you can put some arrows showing the widget, and add some call-to-action slogans encouraging people to like the page and watch its content.

One more thing to do is to share a link on other social media sites. Facebook is like a global meeting place, so don’t be surprised if you get more Facebook fans from Twitter, YouTube, and other social media outlets.

social media communication We have mentioned talking with your Facebook page fans in the comments. However, this is just inbound communication. In order to promote the page, you need to concentrate on outbound communication. First of all, the admins of the page should add a lot of friends in Facebook, so they will be able to invite all these masses to like your page.

The other important thing is to be active in other Facebook pages, and to leave links to interesting and reliable content from your page. Private messaging and emailing with the link to your page will also work for promotion, however you must be careful not to post too much and risk being banned for spam.

social media advertising for brand promotionAdvertising
We understand that you have created a brand page on Facebook to advertise your product. Nevertheless, if you follow the above mentioned tips, especially the one about the interesting content, it’s quite possible that your page will become a valuable informative product in itself.

In this case it’s recommended to promote your page through inner Facebook advertising systems, so your target audience can easily find your page (the network advertising system is set to do it automatically). But please be sure your brand page is really interesting, otherwise you’ll just waste money in vain and annoy Facebook users.

These few tips are the base for successful Facebook marketing. So, be firm, create your page, promote it using our tips, and share your impressions regarding the promotion process in the comments below. Good luck!

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