LinkedIn Marketing: 5 Essential Tips for Beginners

LinkedIn Marketing: 5 Essential Tips for Beginners

A couple years ago only a fraction of internet users were aware of LinkedIn. However, as times changed, specialized social networks came more and more into demand, and LinkedIn’s heavy emphasis on business networking helped it reach the top. Many social media specialists have stressed that LinkedIn marketing is likely to become an obvious trend in 2014. In this post we will go over some effective linkedin marketing tips.

When LinkedIn turned the corner from its early unpopularity to its sharp recent demand, social media marketers realized that for most of them, LinkedIn is like terra incognita and they need to discover this opportunity quite quickly.

Well, it is not so difficult for those who have SMM experience and know the logic of social media, because the core of the LinkedIn platform was developed around the needs of the same people who use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on.

social media marketing specialist use MavSocial Social Media Marketing Software for Linkedin MarketingNevertheless, even the experienced social media marketing specialist can be confused about their first steps, because LinkedIn is a distinct network with many unique features of its own. Moreover, these features form the advantages that attract more users and, therefore, marketers.

So let’s check out few essential tips for beginners, which will provide you with the basic orientation to LinkedIn SMM.

Maintain a Business Atmosphere
The first thing you should remember about LinkedIn is that this social network is created for doing business, and that focus definitely influences the whole website atmosphere. For example, LinkedIn excludes some private aspects of life that lie far from the realm of business relations, like party photos or pics with kittens; instead, the messages, posts and profile info are more clearly professional in nature.

That’s great news for your Linkedin marketing, because it means you won’t need to waste time and energy adding items from your personal life to your content. At last you can concentrate your efforts exclusively on the practical side of your brand and make the mood of your marketing strictly business.

Complete Linkedin Profile for Linkedin marketing on social media Complete Your Profile
It’s a practical first step. Just imagine that for thousands of people using the LinkedIn network, your profile page will be the face of your brands. It indeed will determine the destiny of your relationships with customers, and that means your image is dependent on the quality of your profile info, which may determine whether a person with interest in your product will follow through and buy or simply leave.

Also, don’t forget to customize links to your websites with interesting call-to-action phrases. It makes sense because the more attractive they are, the greater number of potential customers you’ll get as a result. From there, it depends on the level of your inbound website marketing.

Recommend Others
LinkedIn is a heavily business-oriented platform. So once you do something good for others, you can expect to reap the benefits of a positive attitude toward your brand. That means not only a feeling of personal satisfaction that you helped promote other worthy products but also that you helped ensure the basis for further partnerships, maybe even outside the LinkedIn borders.

Join Linkedin Groups MavSocial  Social Media Marketing Software for BusinessJoin Groups
What is the most efficient way to increase traffic to your LinkedIn profile? The most certain answer: use groups. First of all, join all the LinkedIn groups in your niche and become a natural part of that community. Share interesting and suitable content, and initiate conversations and discussions so people see you are whole-hearted about your business.

The other thing, which is mandatory for those who want to attain success in LinkedIn social media marketing, is creating groups. Yes, you should undoubtedly start interesting communities that will not only become a strong platform for closer client-brand relationships and further partnership building (indeed, it will be like your own social network within a social network) but also serve as an effective instrument of brand promotion.

Analyze for Success
LinkedIn has a wonderful system for analyzing your activity on the network. It will initially help you understand your target audience better, stay up-to-date on the latest trends, and therefore direct your marketing in the proper way.

Analyze for social media Success using MavSocial Social Media Marketing SoftwareThe other useful thing about checking analytics is even more helpful for the future of your promotion: you will be able to gain insights and many creative inspirations if you see the circumstances and the results of your past activity all at once. Use general information for creating specific content.

Honestly, following these five principles is enough for starting well on LinkedIn and even for continuing well. So keep in mind that LinkedIn is all about business but never forget that business is always about people. Understanding this is the key to marketing success on LinkedIn.

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