Measuring the Power of the Pin: The Pinterest Metrics You Should Track

Measuring the Power of the Pin: The Pinterest Metrics You Should Track

Pinterest has fast become a social media superstar and currently has more than 70 million users worldwide, and many like to spend their money. Learn more about pinterest metrics and how focusing on those can improve your marketing.

A study by e-commerce consultant RichRelevance that tracked 700 million shopping sessions found that Pinterest shoppers spend nearly $170 per session compared with Facebook shoppers who spend $95 per session.

While both Facebook and Pinterest are used as shopping sources by consumers, Pinterest comes out on tops for inspiration, tracking and product discovery. For any business wanting to bask in social media success, it is crucial to understand whether the hours spent online are generating results.

SMEs measuring Pinterest activity take advantage of the potential marketing and commercial powerBy consistently measuring Pinterest activity, small and medium-sized business owners will be in a better position to take advantage of the potential marketing and commercial power of this visual discovery tool.

Keeping on top of a number of key metrics will help you to identify and capitalize on those channels and strategies that are doing well and eliminate or improve on those that aren’t.

Pinterest makes it very easy for you to study your analytics with its nifty measuring tool. To use it you first you have to ‘verify your website’ and then from the drop down menu in the top right-hand corner of your page scroll down to analytics.

Here are the key metrics you should consider tracking:

Pinterest pins from MavSocial website repins Pinterest shoppingPins from your website – this allows you to see which images are so appealing to the audience that they are pinning your content. This will help you decipher which type of material is pressing all the right buttons, enabling you to refine your site to make it resonate even more. You can also see which changes have taken place over a specific time period. Are some days more popular than others?

The amount of repins from your website – each time one of your pins gets repined it shows up in the newsfeeds of the followers of the person who made the repin. This is fabulous exposure as it puts your name in front of people who may not otherwise have heard of you.

Monitor this metric and see what your average daily repin rate is. You can also use Pinterest analytics to discover your most repinned content. You can access this via the Most Repinned tab and then specify a timeframe.

Volume of clicks – the aim of your Pinterest activity is to funnel people to your website. Getting repined is all well and good but how many of these are converting? This metric lets you see how many clicks are coming through from Pinterest and which pins are inspiring the most.

Pinterest metrics Impressions reach volume of clicks top fans influencersReach – this useful metric shows the daily number of people on Pinterest who saw your pins. The figure includes pins and repins and lets you know exactly the size of your audience.

Top fans and influencers – these are the people who are interacting the most with your brand. Knowing who they are can be pure social media gold as some will have a large and dedicated following.

When you know who your top influencers are you can start to make approaches to them to form stronger relationships. They can be very valuable to you as consumers are much more likely to be swayed by third party endorsements.

Other metrics – Pinterest provides a  number of other pinterest metrics for you to pore over. Among the most useful that you can track are average likes per pin, average comments per pin and velocity (the average number of pins and repins your company makes per week).

Regular Tracking
Get into the habit of checking your metrics on a regular basis to help you refine your Pinterest strategy. Look for any promising emerging patterns that you can capitalize on and by the same token modify or cull the things that aren’t working for you.

For more information on Pinterest analytics, watch the walkthrough video here on Vimeo.

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