How to Use Social Listening to Create the Perfect Lead Magnet

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How to Use Social Listening to Create the Perfect Lead Magnet

Create the resource your followers wish for

Lead magnet…subscriber bribe…sign up incentive…

Whatever you call it, there’s no doubt that an effective lead magnet is a great asset for your business. It helps you achieve one of the crucial goals every digital marketer has—to get website visitors on their email list.

Your email list is your most important asset, because email holds the highest conversion rates of any digital channel.

Let’s take a look at how you can create a lead magnet that blows people away. A lead magnet so good, you are willing to invest the time it takes to create it because it will bring the right people to to your list.

How do you do this black magic? By tapping into the power of social listening.

The difference between social listening and social monitoring

Listening used to be something we mostly did in person. You’d attentively gaze into the speaker’s eyes, nod enthusiastically and ooohhh and aaaaahhhh in all the right moments.

As a good listener, you interpreted their words— that is the key difference between social listening and social monitoring.

When you are listening, you are actively analyzing what’s being said. Why did the customer have this experience? What’s the pain point behind this statement? What issue isn’t being solved?

On the other hand, when you are monitoring you are merely observing the conversation. You are aware it’s happening but aren’t digging into the gory details.

Tap into the conversations happening around you

Your clients, both present and ideal, are talking online. They are chatting with friends, performing searches, sharing content and discussing brand experiences.

If you tap into these conversations you can gather real data about the challenges, issues and needs they have.

This is perfect for creating highly targeted content.
But, how do you listen when, a lot of the time, these conversations aren’t brand specific or are happening about your competitors?

Easy. With a bit of good old fashioned stalking—I mean, smart marketing analysis.

Track niche keywords

Pull out your list of long tail keywords—they are about to come in handy!

One of the best ways to track industry specific keywords or your own brand is by setting up Google Alerts notifications. It’s simple but packs a punch.

  • Go to the Google Alerts home page
  • Type in the keyword you’d like to create an alert for and click on Create Alert

Voila! You are done.

To adjust your settings click on edit.

You can set how often you get emails about the topic, pick different regions, select the language and chose specific source types.

Now, every time someone uses your keywords in their online conversations, you’ll know!

Keep track of social media channels

Social media listening requires more than just paying attention to the people who tag you. You should be engaging with them already!

There are other key conversations going on, ones that are really easy to miss. The best marketers and social listeners know how to pay attention to the brand ambiguous and competitor specific conversations.

Use Twitter’s advanced search to track specific keywords and mentions of your brand without the @ and competitor brands.

You can get as precise as you need, even down to specific hashtags.

Or, if you use MavSocial, you can filter social comments and search them for specific keywords in your Social Inbox.

Pay attention to Quora

Where do you go to when you’ve got a question no one else can answer? Quora!

The Q&A platform is full of valuable information just waiting for you.

For some effective listening, set up feeds in Quora around the pain points solved by your products. So, if you offer social media management services, you can set up feeds around digital marketing, social media marketing, social media management and content marketing.

Scroll through the questions and read through the ones relevant to you. What are people asking for? What do they need?

Use that information to identify a topic and angle for your lead magnet.

And, when you are done and your lead magnet is legendarily awesome, go back to Quora, answer a few of the relevant questions and link to it.

That way you get double payoff! Not only did you get some great research, you can now use it to build your list!

Try an integrated tool

To access all the conversations in one place, you can use a tool like Mention.

Like with Google Alerts, you can set up alerts for specific keywords. The main difference is that with Mention, you can monitor multiple social conversations from within the same dashboard.

You can track any mentions of your brand by name or by product, track your social media handles and specific keywords. They’ve also got fantastic competitor-tracking capabilities.

Mention is great for larger teams because you can share information. So, your social media manager can look out for specific terms and identify key pain points then assign the information to your copywriter to turn into the perfect lead magnet.

Spinning the information into lead magnet gold

You’ve put in the effort and listened to your community. Now it’s time to turn it into an effective list builder.

During your listening phase, you came across a variety of conversations.

Distill these into the most common problem that your present and future clients are experiencing but you aren’t answering to the best of your ability.

Now that you know the topic, pick your angle and chose your format.

If people really want to get specific results but aren’t sure that’s possible, you can create a case study showcasing someone who’s already achieved that goal.

If there isn’t enough specific, practical information about a key pain point you know your product solves phenomenally, create a white paper.

If most of the concerns are coming from people during the first stages of awareness then an eBook addressing the problem may be exactly what your business needs.

Listen to your community. Identify the pain point. Pick your content type. Execute the strategy.

If you follow those steps regularly, you’ll consistently create irresistible lead magnets!


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