The Benefits of Having a Stock Photo Library for Social Media

We have noticed increasingly that images are a great form of social media content, and because many people respond visually to content, simply adding a relevant photo to your update can grab someone’s attention. Learn how we can utilize a stock photo library for social media.

MavSocial believes very strongly a quality photography image is incredibly important to small businesses and social media content creators and here are a few reasons why:

1) Variety
Many stock agencies #BigStock, #GettyImage and other stock library homepages say “there are 15 million images that you can access” with a huge variety of subjects and themes. The search bar makes it easy to find the perfect image for your content post and you can change it up whenever you want! Instead of bombarding viewers with the same images weekly, experiment with the millions of high quality images in our stock photo library!

2) Images Get More Engagement!

George Takei MavSocial On many websites, users tend to scroll through or merely skim text-heavy posts, so images are a great way to grab someone’s attention.

Our society responds well to visual consumption and accordingly, photos on Facebook generate 53% more likes than the average post, according to a study in 2012. People are also more likely to share your status update if there is an image, rather than just a paragraph of text!

Take actor George Takei’s Facebook page—one of the reasons why he is so popular is because he posts tons of images with clever captions and his followers respond well to that!

3) Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words.
Did you know that you can comment on Facebook with a photo? Engage with your followers, build those relationships, and express yourself with a simple image. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, so commenting with images can actually take on tremendous meaning and will go a long way.

4) Copyright Issues
One might say that a simple Google search can also provide us with great images for our content posts, but do that at your own risk! With increasing security of intellectual property, you will be navigating the complex internet legalities out there.

Copyright on the web seems to be a difficult concept for some people to understand. But it really is very simple: If you did not write or create the article, graphic or data that you found, then you need permission from the owner before you can copy it. Remember, when you use someone’s graphic, HTML, or text without permission, you are stealing, and they can take action against you.

MavSocial spent many months negotiating digital rights for our customers to be able to buy and use photographs/images for their blogs and social media through the MavSocial platform.

5) Generate Website Traffic
By selecting from our library of high-resolution images for your website and social media content, you might also be bringing people to your website! As we mentioned earlier, searching Google for images is very common, and the people may stumble upon your page as they search for stock images similar to the ones you have or purchased.  So when you upload make you give images good names and descriptions to your site!

What do you think? Have images helped you in your social media marketing?


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