The Brands Doing Awesome Things on Instagram

The Brands Doing Awesome Things on Instagram

Social media networks come and go. Dozens spring into existence every year only to fall by the wayside within months. A few survive and attract a decent number of subscribers. Fewer still become monster hits such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Joining the ranks of the most powerful social media platforms is the online photo-sharing, video-sharing and networking service Instagram.

With more than 150 million active monthly users it has captured the public’s imagination. The business world has also taken notice of its potential. Companies of all sizes, from the kitchen table start-ups to large enterprises such as Starbucks are using it as an exceptional marketing tool.

One of the best ways to learn how to make good use of Instagram in your social media endeavours is to look at how other companies are using it. So here are five examples of businesses doing awesome things with Instagram.

Starbucks Instagram social media The coffee behemoth is one of the most socially engaged companies in the world and was an early adopter of Instagram. Nearly two million followers log on to its Instagram pages to see how new flavours are tested in company headquarters, in-store highlights from Starbucks outlets around the world and plenty of coffee based pictures. The company excels by providing a continuous diet of fresh, appealing and imaginative content that creates a great viewing experience.

Leading fashion brand ASOS understands what its audience really wants and has its Instagram marketing sussed. There are many behind-the-scenes looks at fashion shoots and sneak previews and images of the latest ranges on its Instagram pages. All of this makes followers feel closer to the brand and privy to information the average consumer isn’t. There is also a strong emphasis on posting user-generated content.

Victoria’s Secret
Victoria's Secret Instagram social media Many social media users follow brands for tips and guidance, information that’s going to help them out in some way. The American retailer of lingerie Victoria’s Secret got it spot on with an instructional Instagram video on how their bathing suits can be mixed and matched. Not only was this useful advice for customers, but it also showcased their range of swimwear without actually pumping out a sales message.

Red Bull
Over the years the high-energy drink Red Bull has been cleverly marketed and positioned as a lifestyle brand. It continues to find new ways to excite its consumer base and promote an energetic, full-on adventurous lifestyle. One way Red Bull does this is through its sponsorship of major sporting events, and it shares photos of these occasions with its Instagram followers.

The company also encourages people to send in their own action-packed shots. So there are plenty of awesome images of activities such as rock climbing, parachuting, skiing, rally driving, ice hockey, football, surfing and caving. They cannot fail but to electrify the audience.

Redbull Instagram social mediaYou’ll rarely see an image or a mention of the drink, and that’s part of the success. It’s all about what motivates and entertains the audience. Posting interesting images is one of the cardinal rules of getting it right on Instagram.

Innocent Smoothies
Innocent is a maker of smoothies, fruit juices and veg pots and just like Red Bull is keen to associate its  brand with a specific lifestyle. The company uses Instagram to post images that promote healthy eating and a healthy way of life. There are a variety of pictures of fruit, shots that promote Innocent’s sponsorship of events such as the Olympic Games in 2012, and occasional pictures of staff. There are very few images of products. Innocent is also partial to posting cute animal pics that can do well on social media (provided they’re not overdone!).

And Remember…
The key takeaways to killer Instagram campaigns are:

  • Involve your followers
  • Keep the product messages low key
  • Focus on the experience and emotions associated with your brand
  • Always use fantastic shots

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