The Importance of Consistent Approved Social Media Content

The Importance of Consistent Approved Social Media Content

Virtually every successful company would agree that a significant portion of their advertising time (and money) should be concentrated on digital marketing which includes social media. For the last few years the internet has served as one of the primary platforms for marketing; its accessibility, thanks to smartphones and other handheld devices, has made web marketing even more important, and the internet outlines the leading role of social media.

If in the 20th century people watched their favorite TV shows, now in the 21st century they look at their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and GooglePlus pages, plus their favorite YouTube channels. The huge advantage of using the internet for marketing purposes is that every organization is able to create its own publishing unit to spread content.

internet for marketing purposes If you think that’s great, just think about this: it’s as though every company had created its own TV channel. And imagine: all the aspects of the channel you have created are controlled and managed, in their totality, by your organization.

Every marketer understands that this independence and scale gives companies a huge advantage and a variety of opportunities. However, this full proprietorship carries with it a certain burden.

Being responsible for all aspects of your publishing division, you will need to make an even greater effort to further develop all the elements in the consistent and efficient way. The main factor always remains the quality of the content you spread to your customers.

There are a some many interesting social media pages that your customers can go to, so there is some pretty tough competition —SMM pros are fighting for the users’ souls. Thus there is only logical one conclusion: your content must be interesting to your customers. And how do you achieve this? It’s just a matter of knowing your target audience.

social media communitiy information unityInteresting, on its own however, is not enough to beat the competition, because you need to not only attract many people, but also build a community and keep them involved. The term “information unity” means that you present the same themes and views throughout your various social media pages.

And how do you achieve this unity of content on your social media pages? Well, first of all you have to provide people with consistent approved social media content. Why is this important for customers and for your company? Let’s review a few points.

Information Habit
The explanation is simple: if people were attracted by one type or style of content they will keep returning to your page to get the same kind of content. And remember, they will expect the quality level to be at least the same, if not better. We can easily make sense of the information habit if we put ourselves in the customer’s shoes.

white polar bearFor example, if I went to the Animal Planet YouTube channel, I would hope to find interesting videos about animals and nature, not something unrelated, poor quality or not suitable for family viewing. Fair enough, right? So always keep this consistency in mind when planning new content. And speaking of planning…

Planning Content
Planning content is not only important but necessary for your company to be effective. As such, knowing your social media page style, you will help you with the kind of content you need to post.

And as a result you can plan posts in advance,  taking more time to study trends, tendencies, and your target audience. And at the same time focusing on the quality and type of your posts. For example, if you haven’t had time to make your own videos before, you could focus on mastering this important skill or perhaps develop an infographic.

The other benefit of content planning is that it improves the coordination of your team. Every member will know exactly what to do,  so the content creation and approval process will be more coordinated and efficient.

social media teammatesSo when a new teammate joins, you can rest assured that he/she will quickly and easily learn and understand the system. And yes, it’s a system, because once the content is consistent, it’s  a matter of plugging in the variables. Overall it makes it much easier for the team to work together – they understand what is expected from them.

Better Integration
Maintaining an even style across all social media networks is of paramount importance because your content is totally consistent, it ties together the messaging and the social pages are just different channels where you share it (considering each social network’s specifics).

What does this mean for marketing? Look. The person is already acquainted with your message and likes your Facebook page. The person signs up on Twitter and will most likely follow your Twitter account to get interesting info from you through this up-to-the-minute channel – they are looking for different information than what they receive on Twitter but at the same time have an expectation about the quality and messaging they will be seeing. And of course more followers equals better opportunities to sell your product and services!

social media success loadingIf you 100% understand the importance of consistent approved social media content for an organization, then you’ve already achieved 50% of your marketing success. And from there it’s simple math: you just need to implement this understanding in practice and reap the benefits of the other 50% of your success. Good luck!

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