The Power of Visuals for Social Media Marketing

As social media platforms evolve and new ones come online, one of the common and constant themes is the prominence being given to visuals. Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram in 2012 for $1 billion was really a major turning point that told the world that in social media, visuals are where it’s at.

Social media is now a highly visual medium and these days people are much more interested in seeing information rather than reading it. Increasingly, visual storytelling is driving consumer engagement on social media. Many businesses are showing not telling, or showing a lot and doing a little bit of telling.

Part of this shift in approach is down to technology. As more people access social networks through their mobile devices, they find it much easier to consume pictures and short videos rather than reading long reams of text.

tunnel of visual contentAnd whether we‘re talking about global multinational corporations or a single person home-based operation, enterprises all over the world are trying to up their marketing game with the use of great visual content such as photos, videos, infographics, graphics and GIFS.

cat holding sign - cute cat to go viralYou Don’t Need a Cute Cat to Go Viral
We all know the sorts of pictures and videos that go viral; the cat performing tricks, the babies laughing uncontrollably or the cute animals appearing to kiss each other. But you don’t need animals or babies to create successful visual marketing content.

You just need to remember the guiding principle about what makes content sticky and sharable. Namely, that it is something that stops people in their tracks. They are so struck by what they are seeing that they feel compelled to share it. Not only because they want their friends to benefit from seeing the same thing, but it also makes them look good by being the person who shared the material.

Powerful Campaigns
As marketers you need to get to the point quickly and make it succinctly, less the attention of your audience wavers and they go off somewhere else. Great visuals are a short way of communicating a lot of information very quickly. And they are here to stay. Once you have read our white paper you will be in a great position to launch new social media campaigns that rely on the power of visuals.

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