The Truth About Trending Hashtags

The Truth About Trending Hashtags

Businesses know that hashtags are vitally important on Twitter, as these keywords can help Twitter users from around the world find your tweets and connect to your business.

In addition to using smartly-chosen keywords that are relevant to your message, yet not too long or complicated, you get bonus points for being able to incorporate a trending hashtag, found on the left of your Twitter dashboard.

How exactly do hashtags like “#WhenIWasLittle” and “#EMAzing” become so popular anyways?
Just because you use a “#” frequently does not mean that it will trend. As a business, you should use your resources – your followers – to achieve a trending topic.

hashtag tweet Twitter Trending Topics For example, include a hashtag to the end of your interactive tweet or question so that when followers respond about their favorite childhood candy, you’re getting a diverse group of people using the hashtag at a steady pace, two factors that Twitter look at when identifying their “Trending Topics.” The more personal the hashtag, the better (e.g. #SweetMemories)!

In order to get many people to use your hashtag, make it open and fun. Again, interactive tweets that pose a question are great for this, as this is how a lot of media agencies, comedians, and celebrities are able to create trending topics with trending hashtags. This way, those who are not even following you can interact with your business and you might even gain some new followers.

MavSocial users can schedule tweets facebook posts time zones social media softwareTime zones do matter. Remember that users all around the world, your potential interactions, wake up and go to sleep at different times than you. Therefore, it is important to be strategic about when you start posting about a certain topic or event and introduce your hashtag to get the maximum amount of attention. For MavSocial users this is pretty easy because you can schedule tweets so easily.

This might seem elementary, but did you make sure to search Twitter to see if anyone else has used your hashtag already? Is your hashtag easy to remember, easy to type, and easy to read?

To achieve all three, make sure it’s not too long and that the first letter of each word is capitalized so that it’s not just a string of letters. Feel free to leave out articles, as “the” can take up much-needed space in your 140-character limit and just make the hashtag look a little cumbersome!


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