Tips For Optimizing Your LinkedIn Presence

Whether your company is a small, locally-owned business or an international brand, LinkedIn has proven itself as a good social media site. LinkedIn is a successful social media site aimed at a more professional, business audience. If you’re looking to get your company on LinkedIn, here are some tips to get you on the right track. Improve your Linkedin Presence today.

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1) Biography & Contact Info

The best way to tell people about your company is to give a quick biography. This can be just a paragraph or two on how the company was founded and all the services that it provides. It may sound obvious, but contact info is essential. Providing an address, phone number and e-mail can assure users that you are willing to interact with them, and communicate with them.

Advertising and Marketing LinkedIn via Mavsocial social media software2) Potential Opening

Given that LinkedIn is a site for employees and employers, there are a lot of people looking to network and apply for open positions. If you have any job openings, it’s important to mention them clearly and succinctly. LinkedIn does provide an easy integrated messaging service for potential candidates to apply and contact you with any inquiries

3) Targeted Ads

You may not even realize it at first, but LinkedIn has ads. They’re less visible than ads on other social media sites, because they blend in with the site’s template. They also blend in because they’re more targeted than ads on Facebook and Twitter – it’s easier to control the exact audiences they go to. You can easily make ads for a position, sponsored stories, or even your company itself.

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4) Employee Pages with Pictures

It might sound a little trivial to ask your employees to put up pictures, but there’s a point to it. When some users don’t see a picture on a LinkedIn profile, they may question the professionalism of the company. Likewise, a non-professional picture can be a major turn-off to people looking at your company. Seeing the faces of the employees can assure viewers that there are people and personalities behind the words on the page.

MavSocial has made LinkedIn presence & connectivity an important part of our social platform. LinkedIn can help you and your company network with other companies and advertise yourself in a wide but professional setting. Let us know if you have any tips for optimizing your pages!

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