An Introduction to Twitter Audio Cards

An Introduction to Twitter Audio Cards

Twitter launches its latest addition to the social media marketer’s arsenal – Twitter Audio Cards.

Previously, the Twitter platform was one long stream of text.  Now, an audio stream has a special place on the Twitter platform thanks to what is called a ‘Twitter Player Card’. One of the Twitter cards is called a ‘Twitter Audio Card’ and this has enhanced Twitter by allowing users to embed audio sound files – which are mainly in an MP3 format – directly into their tweets.

This means that brands can now more effectively engage audiences, drive traffic to their websites and generate more leads.

Twitter Audio Cards was launched in a partnership with Soundcloud – a German based online audio distribution platform that enables its users to upload, record, promote and share their originally created audio files – in 2014.

The ability to listen to audio files is available for users on both Android, iOS mobile devices and desktop web based browsing consumption. So whatever platform your audience uses, they can stream your audio files via your Twitter feed.

The Current State of Twitter Cards

The feature is relatively new, it’s yet to become firmly established and find its place in the social media marketing landscape. Marketers are still experimenting to find the most effective ways to use it.

However, it is up and running and you can test it out by tweeting any audio file hosted either on Soundcloud or some other tool such as LibSyn.  Users are able to “dock” the Audio Cards, continuing to listen to them whilst browsing elsewhere in the Twitter interface. And MavSocial, the leading social media visual content management & publishing platform has just announced that Twitter Audio is now supported in all versions of its system.

With mobile apps such as WeChat, that let users send sound voice recorded soundbites rather than sending text-based messages, there is a precedent for the sharing and consumption of short audio files through social media platforms.

That being the case, it’s very likely Audio Cards will be welcomed with open arms by followers and potential consumers.

Twitter Audio Card Uses & Strategies

Twitter is pitching the service primarily at music and media producers who already share content with Twitter Video Cards. However, the ease of producing an audio file could make the feature a great way to share many kinds of marketing messages from just about any vertical. Possible example uses include:

  • Podcasters: The ability to pin audio tweets to your feed so anyone who views it can listen to the podcast to see if they like it. You could experiment with either the entire podcast or maybe just some teasers to get people interested
  • eBooks: Create a free audio e-book as an offer to gather email addresses
  • Promotion: Promote either snippets or even entire podcasts or interviews to targeted audiences
  • Radio jingles: Marketing and business jingles like those found on radio
  • Bait marketing: Teasers for video games, movies and other entertainment

MavSocial is the only social media marketing platform that lets you to directly tweet Twitter audio files. To learn more and get better results try the free MavSocial trial version now.

From MavSocial | Complete Social Media Visual Content Management & Publishing Software.

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