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Twitter Kit Timelines Can Now Show Ads

IOS and Android apps that use Twitter Kit to embed feeds can now incorporate ads

Twitter Kit brings live, fresh Twitter content to any iOS or Android app, allowing developers to engage and grow their audiences in a way that feels native. Twitter recently announced that MoPub’s ad exchange is now available with Twitter Kit, so developers can monetize on the users that read Twitter timelines within their apps.

The announcement reads, “…engaging your audience with great stories is just the beginning. We want to make it easy for you to turn that engagement into successful, independent businesses that grow with your audience.”

No major coding will be required. The ad’s MoPub ID can simply be pasted into Twitter kit—giving developers control over the ads that are displayed. Not only will the ads appear native and match the Twitter Kit’s set themes and preferences, but they will also fit in seamlessly with the feed’s existing content.

Twitter office

This is great news for developers looking for additional ways to monetize their apps and for marketers seeking to reach readers on all the platforms where Twitter feeds are encountered.

For now, this change only applies to feeds embedded in devices—not on websites. But it’s not hard to imagine that ads could soon be added to timelines embedded on the web.

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