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Video blogging for Marketing: Is it Worth It?

Everyone knows about blogs today, and it’s hard not to recognize their importance in this information age. You also know that blogs are great for marketing purposes; high-quality blog content undeniably increases the amount of visitors to your website

Video blogging on the other hand, can also help improve your brand and traffic to your website.

That is why here at MavSocial we have included the ability to post your videos directly to Youtube from inside our dashboard. You could call it video blogging software!

More Reasons to Video Blog

This higher traffic increases the amount of potential clients for the brand the website presents. High-quality in this case refers to being interesting and appropriate for the target audience. For example, if you have an automotive body shop you shouldn’t post articles about baby clothing.

successful blog vlog grasp the reader’s attention with graphic content videos picturesHowever, there are more details to making a blog successful. First of all, we shouldn’t forget that we write for the internet, not for a newspaper, a book, etc. That’s why you should always keep in mind that your article needs to grasp the reader’s attention with graphic content.

Yes, this means your piece of writing is not a blog article if it doesn’t contain awesome pictures. But remember, the web is rapidly developing, so new standards for blogs are always being set.

Users’ demands for more and more digestible content have created the video blogging (vlogging) style of blogging. Video blogs are still blogs, with the same aim of sharing content with users, but the format is more specific, and the posts are concentrated on video information.

videoblogger videoblogging vlogging Videoblogs web video ads marketing tipsIn other words, a video blogger is a fan of YouTube, rather than WordPress. Once we accept that blogs definitely help in marketing, another question appears: is it possible for video blogs to support brands? Well, video blogs didn’t start out as being commercial #commercial. Video bloggers made content just for fun.

But then marketers caught on, noticing that funny videos were very viral: most big brands probably got the idea to advertise on YouTube right after the fantastic success of some of the original video bloggers. A new power arose in marketing: web video ads #ads. However, simple blogs remain the main content support for business.

As for vlogs, their most prominent commercial achievement for a while was to briefly note a brand or two in their videos for money (nowadays it’s automated, thanks to YouTube development). However, cleverer and cleverer marketers began to understand that people ingest videos more readily.

So why don’t you try video blogging in your marketing strategy instead of normal blogging?

Videoblogging Instead of Blogging marketing strategy vlogs commercial achievementVideo blogging Instead of Blogging: A Few Points to Outline
– So, why not? First of all, we can talk about greater difficulty. Yes, the process of making a video—finding scene equipment, a camera, a movie set, an operator, a director, actors, and then finally filming the video—is much more complicated than just sitting and writing a blog article. Of course, technology has come a long way and it’s not that hard to get a good camera nowadays.

– Moreover, you can choose the right format, where you don’t need a lot of things beyond reach. Videos #videos are extremely appropriate for tutorials. And if you have a web design studio, for example, you can teach people how to use Photoshop for some design tricks. In this case you don’t even need a camera—just download a utility for recording your screen processes.

create vlog to promote your brand Videoblogging to get customer's attention– You create your vlog to promote your brand. It’s quite clever, because the strongest promotional force on the internet is social media #socialmedia activity. And according to the statistics, videos are the most shared content. Where? Everywhere: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. People are just more visually appealed. They like videos, and that is the obvious truth.

– Aside from the promotional profit mentioned in the previous point, you will also be able to get some real profit from your vlog. As we briefly mentioned, YouTube offers a wonderful opportunity to create ads for your channel, and it’s automatically set and targeted properly.

create the high-quality content for brand promotion Videoblogging for MarketingThe only thing you need to do is actually create the high-quality content—content that is sure to interest people. Then you’ll be rewarded financially. Just think—you can invest this money toward further brand promotion and other marketing needs (including your vlog improvement).

Is it worth it to use video blogging for your website support? As we can see from these few points: yes, it is. And not only are there are more pros than cons. We can talk about some kind of Zeitgeist, a spirit of the era—nowadays, skilled web marketers literally feel that the future success of internet marketing lies dormant in video content. So don’t miss your chance to become an internet marketing leader.

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